What’s new in the blog

Ok peeps, I finally have some clothes draped over this skeleton of a blog! I do realize that it will grow to unimaginable proportions as I continue to write, but there are a few ‘basic necessities’ I just HAD to get done before I officially shared it with the world.

Page Updates


Here are things you can expect from me in the future:

  • Interviews with the coolest people I know, my friends! Not all are marathoners, but most have something they are passionate about (running, yoga, swimming, etc…). I’d like to be able to share how exercise has played a role in their life (and only post things with their permission of course!).
  • Recipes with pictures! These pages will include some of my favorite things to cook/bake (for eating, but also for pampering oneself). It’s nice having the ingredients list with the instructions and all, but pictures make everything better. Bear with me.
  • Gear: a huge entity in the making. Showing what I use, what I like (and what doesn’t work for me) and why.  Since I am starting this whole marathon thing (half right now), there are a few products I feel will be necessary in becoming a marathoner (can you say vaseline between the toes, body glide and talc powder of sorts?). Yeah had no idea ‘those’ things happened. And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I am referring to losing toenails, rashes from fabric friction and all that fun stuff…
  • And much more! I tend to have bursts of creativity and need to write down all my ideas (to carry them out later because they are awesome!), so you just never know what I might do to surprise you!

So if you see any pages with “Site under construction” or one sentence explaining what will go there, please be patient. Thanks for all of your support!!!


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