Running for a cause

My dog is my inspawration. Not only has she survived cancer (nearing 2 yr mark), but she thrives on three legs. Chloe (my dog) was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma and the best option to cure the cancerous tumor was amputation. Her type of cancer spindle cell sarcoma affected the ligaments and tissues within the tumor and had a really low chance of having spread elsewhere in the body. The tumor was just below her left back knee (see dark spot on leg below). Excision was not an option since there wasn’t a large enough clean margin of non cancerous tissue. So the ‘bad’ leg had to go. The whole thing, up to the hip. And she’s been cancer free (and still goofy) ever since!

When Chloe and I were first dealing with post amputation care, I started looking for information on three legged dogs. That’s when I found! It is an extensive online community that offers support from experienced tripawd owner members, tips for care/rehab/diet, forums, blogging about experiences and much more.  So I started to document her story “Being 4 legged is so overrated” with a blog (I know that means I have 2 now…).

Chloe and I used to go on short runs (2-4mi) together when she was younger and fourlegged, but as an 11 yr old with only 3 legs and mild arthritis, its no longer possible (she does still chase a ball once in a while!). I will be running my first half marathon (Long Beach Half Marathon) in October will be dedicating it to all the tripawds out there.  Even though the Long Beach event isn’t centered around any sort of ‘awareness/running for a cause’ theme (like the Revlon 5k for breast cancer), I am making my own. That’s why I will have Tripawds written on my bib and I will be wearing her Tripawds Rule bandana you see in the picture above (She has a nice new one now. The one you see above is getting old, so it’s perfect for getting sweaty on a long run!).  I am sure that I will be getting a lot of people asking me what a tripawd is 😉 And if you donate a little to the Tripawds website, you can have your very own Tripawds Rule bandana.

That’s all for today!


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