Sunscreen buddies

I decided to write a short post about sunscreen! This is a must for any runner because we want to make sure we don’t develop skin cancer.  Since I played soccer for many years, I have a few ‘must have at all times’ brands of sunscreen. And as a fair skinned, freckly person, who doesn’t ‘tan’, but burns easily, sunscreen is my best bud!  So, if I am doing any sort of prolonged exercise activity, I always reapply (I am a bit meticulous about sunscreen so I reapply every 45-60min, yes even the spf 50). I hate getting burned, so I’d rather slather on more than deal with the alternative!!!! (I also wear wrap around sunglasses and hat/visor too!)

For the face: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunblock (I usually get anywhere from SPF 40-50).

  • It is a light formula, so when I put some on my face it doesn’t feel all greasy.

For the body: Coppertone Sport (SPF 40-50).

  • This sunscreen I use all the time and I go through the most (especially since I swim). I use it for running, swimming and anytime I go outdoors.

On the run: Banana Boat Sport Stick

  • I recently started using this as something to put in my running pouch and use on the go.  I’ve been happy with it since it is convenient, but I still prefer to use the Neutrogena or Coppertone whenever possible.

Anyone want to share their favorite brand of sunscreen?


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