Summer Gear: 2012

Hey all you runners and cross trainers out there! Even though I am still relatively new to this whole ‘training to run races’ thing, (played soccer and ran for fun for the better part of 10 years), I do have gear I love to use!  Tomorrow will mark the end of my month long ‘pre-training’ (to get my body back into a regular workout rhythm) and these are a few of my favorite things for running and cross training! Also feel free to pin anything you like!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to read my post about my training tools (books, training diary, etc…) and my ‘pre training’ schedule.

Running Gear

  • Socks: I have about 7 pairs of socks (only 2 shown) and I really like both of these brands. The Smart Wool and New Balance socks shown below are medium thickness (as opposed to minimal ones which give me blisters when I run long distances). I’ve been very happy with these socks: they wick sweat and I haven’t gotten any blisters (yay for small victories!)
  • Shoes: The ones on the left are Brooks GTS 12 and the ones on the right are Asics GT 2170. Brooks GTS 12 are lighter shoes, so I enjoy using them on my shorter runs.  My favorite color is blue so I always feel energized running in these, especially on my tempo runs! Asics GT 2170 have a bit more cushion, which I use for longer runs. I like the bright shoelaces and the appearance of the shoe, but I know the white will become gray in a matter of a few weeks… all of my running paths always have pavement+dirt/sand of some sort. Oh well, I will enjoy their brand new whiteness while I can! So far I have been pleased with both shoes for their durability and ‘cuteness factor’! *Note: ‘cuteness factor’ may not be relevant to all runners, but I think it is important to run in things that make you look and feel good 😉
  • Clothing: Wicking fabrics are a must! I like to wear underarmor capris with different wicking tops (depending on weather) especially if they are bright like the neon one below! I also have a light weight jacket (light blue) that I wear on cold mornings and tie around my waist when I no longer need it.
  • Fuel Pack: What exactly do I have in there? Well right now I am getting used to the feel of the pack, so I only carry my phone, rescue inhaler, and the flashing bike light (I run in the morning on a shared path for runners and bikers). This way when I need to carry more stuff (like water) on my long runs, I will be used to the feel of the pack. I found that the most comfortable place to wear it on my body is around my waist. If I try to strap it to my hips, it bounces alot and ends up ‘moving up’ my body.

Ready for a run! So here I am in all my gear on a running day. My dog saw me put my shoes on (because whenever I put my shoes on we must be going for a dog walk), so she snuck in this photo. The picture is a bit dark, but you see how well the neon yellow stands out.


  • Swimming is my favorite form of aerobic cross training! (Someday I would like to ride as well, but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy a bike right now. However, I do sometimes spin at the gym).  Since I swim outside, I ALWAYS apply sunscreen before I get into the pool (see favorite brands of sunscreen here).  Swim related things I use (other than a suit, cap and goggles): chelating shampoo/conditioner (to remove chlorine/impurities from hair), ear-dry (to remove trapped water), pull buoy (foam thing upper right corner; to work out upper body), and body butter (to prevent dry skin from chlorine). And as with my shoes, I always have a couple suits on hand (because it is a bummer when your suit ‘goes’ aka. spandex goes kaput and you don’t have a spare).
  • Flow Yoga is my favorite form of strength/core training! Here I am doing ‘crow pose’. I also enjoy doing ‘three legged dog’ pose (because I have a tripawd!). What I’m wearing: danskin yoga pants and a fluorescent pink Morera seamless tank. Flexible, comfortable and cute! Plus these fabrics wick sweat (I do break a sweat doing flow yoga)!
Alright, off to walk the dog!

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