Silliness: Orchid in “spike”

So while I was watering my plants before my run today, I noticed that one of my orchids (purple phalaenopsis) is in SPIKE! This means it is putting out a new spike for flower buds! Last summer (mid July), someone gave me 2 orchids (white and purple phalaenopses) and I have been caring for them ever since (meaning: managing to keep them alive when I had no experience with orchids). The purple colored orchid bloomed for 5 months, while the white one has been in continuous bloom for 11.5 months. Yes sounds crazy, but it just keeps bifurcating and putting out 1-2 more flowers at a time! See some pictures below from last summer (2011).

Purple Phalaenopsis (2011)

White Phalaenopsis (2011)

 A year later, I was worried that the purple orchid would not re-bloom because I had no idea if what I was doing was right.  I thought, ‘at least it was putting a lot of effort into making many leaves’…But, to my surprise this is what I found today! A little bud spike coming out of the plant! I guess I must be doing something right, or at least nothing terribly wrong! The only things I did over the last year were watering 1x/week, fertilizing (when I remembered, like 1x/month or less), placing them in part sun/shade, and repotting both to a larger pot with sphagnum moss.

Purple Phalaenopsis in ‘spike’ (2012)

And the white phalaenopsis still in bloom (and a couple more buds still on the stem!)

I will be posting a couple updates tracking its ‘spike-to-bloom’ process! Can’t wait!!!!!!


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