Fun Reads

I love to read. During summers off, I DEVOUR dozens of books. During the school year, not so much, since I have homework and oh so fun dense textbooks to read. Anyway, this page is dedicated to books I’ve read and enjoyed!! Note: While I am a huge fantasy novel reader, I do try to expand my reading horizon with different genres…but be warned! The majority are sci-fi/fantasy of some sort.

What’s better than reading one good book? Multiple books in a series! Here is the thing about series: sometimes each new book gets better, sometimes subsequent books aren’t as good… you just never know! But I try to remind myself that the main character(s) have a journey to complete, so I have the pleasure of going along for the ride (which translates to I need to finish the series to find out what happens no matter what!). The following are not in any particular order of preference.

  • Green Rider Series: by Kristen Britain (fantasy). There are 4 books in all. I’ve read the first 2 and loved them! Can’t wait to read the last couple to see how it ends!
  • Books of Pellinor: by Alison Croggon (fantasy). Quartet. Girl with magic on a quest across the land!
  • Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins (sci-fi). Trilogy. Futuristic world, girl trying to beat the odds.
  • The Uglies: Scott Westerfield (sci-fi). Trilogy + ‘extra’. Futuristic world, girl trying to beat the odds. Deja vu right? Definitely many similarities to Hunger Games: Main character (female) caught between 2 loves, ‘utopian’ world etc… Same idea, different setting and names. But I still liked both series!
  • His Dark Materiels: by Phillip Pullman (fantasy). Trilogy. Heard of the Golden Compass?
  • The Inheritance Cycle: by Christopher Paolini (fantasy). Quartet. Dragons and magic! Was a little disappointed in book 4 and the ending to the series…
  • Eon Series: by Alison Goodman (fantasy). Duology (2 books!). Another series about dragons and magic! But a female main character instead.
  • Vampire Academy Series: by Richelle Mead (fantasy). There are 6 books in all. Yes I read Twilight, but I felt this was a better vampire series for a multitude of reasons…
  • Earth’s Children: by Jean M. Auel. (historical fiction) A total of 6 books. I’ve read 5/6 over the last 2 years. Each book is very long (600+pages) and I always need a short reprieve before diving into the next novel.  I own book 6, so it’s just a matter of reading it! Note: part of the reason each book is so long is that the author painstakingly describes nature/life 10,000 years ago. But beware! Author artistic license at play (aka not historically accurate if you are a history buff)…However, it is a good adventure nonetheless!
  • Harry Potter: by J.K. Rowling (fantasy). Of course I love Harry Potter! I grew up with him through the course of the books!
  • Robert Langdon Series: by Dan Brown (thriller/mystery fiction). Symbologist Robert Langdon decodes mysteries of secret societies and encounters danger around every corner.
  • Plum Series: by Janet Evanovich (action/comedy/fiction). A seemingly evergrowing series about a woman (Stephanie Plum) who is a bounty hunter and has trials and tribulations with her job, on/off lover, friends and family. Definitely a laugh out loud series of books! 19 and counting!
  • Gideon Oliver Series: by Aaron Elkins (mystery/forensic science/fiction). Around 16 books (possibly more to come!). Forensic anthropologist solves murder mysteries!


Bio-nerd Books
Well I am a scientist, so I do like to read about nerdy science things once in a while…


I will update my “Fun Reads” on my permanent page, so check back later to see what new books/series I’ve read and enjoyed!

What are some of your favorite books/series?


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