Awesome Mystery Tees

Why are they a mystery? Because Walmart sells them in stores, but I can’t find the same shirts online anywhere! The brand is “Danskin” and it is part of their “Danskin Now Performance Collection” with “Dri-More technology” aka, moisture wicking.  They are 100% polyester, light-weight and SUPER comfortable. I’ve worn the neon yellow shirt a couple times and after a 50 minute run, it did a good job wicking the moisture away! So I went back to Walmart and found more colors…plus they are sold at a great price $5 each!!! I also cracked up when I saw the name of each color on the tag: from L to R (forgot what the neon yellow was), Hot Fuschia, Blue Poppy and Purple Monster.  Yep, I’m going to be a Purple Monster when I run.

So I spent time (too much) looking for the equivalent shirts online because Walmart will not have them in stock them forever. And some day I might need to replace them (hopefully years down the road…) This is what I found: BAW online makes very similar shirts for a similar cost (~$9/shirt, no idea what the cost of shipping and handling is; either way, Walmart just can’t be beat).

Click here to visit the BAW online main page.

I like that my shirts are size M, so they fit a little loosely. I tried on a S and while it was more form fitting, it was just a bit tight around my broad shoulders.  I’m looking for loose comfort all over when I run. Later, I looked at the BAW online size chart to see their recommended measurements, but their sizes didn’t make sense (maybe they didn’t use inches or intended those shirts for very small women?!?!?). My tag says M(8-10) and another online place that sells BAW shirts, Epic Sports, had a normal sizing chart: See the debunked sizing mystery below. Click here for the ladies tees from Epic Sports (BAW brand).
Size      XS (2)     S (4-6)     M (8-10)    L (12-14)    XL (16-18)     2XL (18-20)    3XL (22-24)
Chest   30-31″       32-33″      34-35″        36-38″         40-42″       44-46″            48-50″

You might think that I am comparing apples to oranges with the sizing (I hope not because both sites sell BAW brands and you would think they would have the same size scheme), but the whole point of this was for me to find shirts ‘close enough’ for future purchase (since I really love these so far!).

The closest equivalents for the BAW online (for female and males) are shown below (more colors available, and I mean LOTS):

What type of shirt do you like to run in?

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