Must. Love. Blogging: Alt Online Classes

For those of you who don’t know, this is not my only blog…I have another about the journey of my dog surviving cancer and losing a leg along the way.  As you can see, blogging is fast becoming another hobby of mine. And with any hobby I undertake, I enjoy enrolling in classes and learning as much as possible.

Today I read ‘Vegetarian Ventures post “Blog Nerd” and learned that you can take online classes about blogging! Never even occurred to me…so I jumped at the chance to take a few!

Bing is providing an opportunity for bloggers to take up to 4 of Alt’s online classes for FREE! That’s right, FREE! Just follow the directions on the website for details.
Thank you BING!!!!

Classes I would like to take:
1.  July 18th: How to use Illustrator to make your brand yours; I have illustrator and don’t know how to use it, so I’d like to learn more!!!
2. July 24th: Bringing home the bacon when your blog isn’t; I’ve heard alot about advertising and seen people get sponsors and have no idea how they do it, hopefully now I will!
: July 27th: Photoshop for bloggers; Another program I have on my computer and don’t really know how to use, but I’d like to learn!

They offer more than just blogging related classes, they offer marketing, social media, life balance and so much more! And even if you don’t get into a class for free, their prices are very affordable!!!! Check them out!!!


3 thoughts on “Must. Love. Blogging: Alt Online Classes

    • It was great! I really like the clipping mask and shape tools 🙂 I’ve only used the pen tool with my brother’s tablet, but its cool to know how to use it with just a mousepad! Only problem for me was that illustrator froze toward the end because adobe decided it wanted to prompt me about updates. Usually thats a PC problem, but I’m on a mac!
      I’m actually going to write about the class right now and get another 2 classes with alt summit 🙂 I’m hoping to take the pinterest one (don’t know anything about it!) and photoshop since I have the CS4 suite on my computer (brother’s old computer with all his graphic design stuff on it).
      How about you?

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