A Day to Drive…

Woke up at the crack of 6am, packed some snacks, packed my dog and started the looonnng drive back to my parents house (can you say over 300 miles?!?).  I packed the car with the rest of our belongings the night before, so we could ‘get up and go’ asap. I needed to arrive before my afternoon appointment, which is why I left early enough to take brief and much needed rest stops along the way. Here are some pictures!

First stop was really a rest stop. I hardly encounter them anymore. This one was a little green oasis in the middle of nowhere. At least is had nice bathrooms and landscaping! Here was Chloe’s extremely happy expression. Can you tell she loves long car rides? My projection of what Chloe was saying: Mom are we there yet? I’m bored….

Halfway down, it was time to fill up with gas at Costco (not very exciting). Then we parked at the Pet Smart (right next door), so I could use their bathroom buy something for Chloe of course. Plus, I could take her in with me! Can you guess what time it was afterward? Snack time!!!! Well snack time for her anyway. She’s still on meds for her internal inflammation issues, so I decided to try out some pill pockets. She’s getting to smart for the old peanut butter trick…See my other blog post A Foxtail in the Hound 2.

Then we stopped in Goleta briefly to walk around the butterfly preserve (very pretty!). To the left, Chloe checked out this stone/metal monument dedicated to the preserve and all the people/organizations that made it possible. On top was a cool metal map of the area! Chloe was obviously looking at the wrong part of the monument…I mean, what could possibly be more interesting in the dirt?!!?

Not only did the preserve consist of a small ‘forest’ of eucalyptus trees with a quaint brook flowing through it, but if you were to come in the winter you would see the monarch butterflies in humongous clumps! They migrate to the Santa Barbara area for refuge from the elements. Then they float away and move on… This butterfly preserve is right next to an open grassland on top of some bluffs over looking the ocean. Just beautiful!

When I was a student at UCSB, I used to bike down to the point you see off in the distance.  Then I would lock my bike and go for a half hour run on the beach below. Yes, I know how lucky I was (and still am) to live by the ocean.  I still like to visit once in a while, since it is on the way back to my parents house. Good times.

A couple hours later and we were home!!! I settled in and then drove down to the orthopedic specialist. Ironically my knee was starting to feel better… but still stiff. As reluctant as I was to go, I knew it would be a good learning experience and therefore beneficial for my running career in the long run. Tune in tomorrow to learn about my orthopedic visit! I’m exhausted…


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