Week 7: LBHM

A reflection on this week: July 9th- 15th 

MondayInstead of a ‘recovery run’, I did a 3/4 mi swim in the morning. Later that evening, I walked my dog since she was starting to feel better.

Tuesday: My right knee was still not quite right, so I went to the store, got a knee brace and did the RICE routine.  (I think I did something to it last month and never let it heal completely.) After some more thought, I wondered if that would be enough (since it was now a ‘chronic’ pain) because I hated the idea of taking off more time than necessary. I needed a professional opinion, so it was time to call an orthopedic specialist. I made the appointment for Thursday, so the worrying would all be over soon. See post Uggg…I decided to call an orthopedic specialist.

Wednesday: Another rest day. Got as much stuff done in the lab as possible, so I could do data analysis at home. Also bought a couple new running shirts from Walmart! See post Awesome Mystery Tees.

Thursday: I woke up early and drove down to my parents house (see post A Day to Drive). Later that day, I met with the orthopedic specialist and scheduled 2 physical therapy sessions for the following week. See post What the Orthopedic Specialist had to say. Turns out I had a hamstring strain, glad it wasn’t something worse!!!

Friday: Yep, you guessed it, another rest day.  Worked on some thesis planning/report writing, lounging on the couch with the dogs, and trying out the ‘log food’ aspect of the app MapMyRUN.  I’ll let you know how that went next Friday!

Saturday: Rest day. Had some guests fly in and visit for a while.

Sunday:  Tomorrow I will be going to my grandfather’s memorial service. He passed away June 13th, 2012 and he will be missed by all. I will be following a similar schedule next week because my uncle passed away unexpectedly July 2nd, 2012 and his memorial service will be on Sunday July 22nd. It’s been a hard last couple of weeks for my family, but we’ve all been there to support one another and exercising to help alleviate the stress. Please tell your loved ones today that you love them. That is all for now.

LBHM stands for: Long Beach Half Marathon. So for any future posts about training, I will have the week # followed by the acronym for the event 🙂


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