Physical Therapy: Day 1

Watch my first official ‘vlog’ and then read more about how my first day went!

Ugggg…I decided to call an orthopedic specialist
What the orthopedic specialist had to say

Things didn’t start out well. I walked into the office, signed in, made eye contact with the lady on the phone behind the desk, smiled at her and then sat down. That’s what you are supposed to do right? After I sat down, I ended up waiting almost 20 min. Nobody was seated around me, so its not like it was super busy.  Then she walked out of the office, came back in, sat down and I waited some more.  I went from being early to on time to late. I walked to the front desk and told the lady I signed in a while ago, but wasn’t sure if I needed to sign more paperwork since I was a new patient. She told me she had no idea I was waiting and that her co-secretary left and she’s been doing the work of 15 people on her own. Annoyed, I filled out the 8 pages of paperwork, handed it back and she led me up to the office I got the xrays last Thursday.  The woman did apologize and said that it wouldn’t cut into my physical therapy time.

Then I met my physical therapist, Emily. She gestured for me to sit on a table while she grabbed her computer to take notes. Emily asked me questions about how/when I injured myself, symptoms, what I’ve done to make it worse or better etc…After the Q&A session she had me lay down in different positions to assess my lower leg strength. “Keep your leg in this position while I try to press down. Resist”. I did this for both legs on the front, back and sides. Emily said that I had good strength, but that my muscles were extremely tight. To help loosen my stiff right hamstring, she gave me a quick deep tissue massage, which hurt.   I heard and felt some ‘crunching’, which Emily said was from built up scar tissue (eck!).  I wrote a mental note to ask my chiropractor to use the graston tool on my hamstrings during the next appointment since it is so awesome for breaking up scar tissue 🙂

After the short massage, I did some hamstring exercises: some outer leg lifts, some inner leg lifts, some front leg lifts.  While my hamstrings never hurt doing those exercises, I could definitely tell my right side was weaker: more muscle shaking.  To conclude our session, she told me to stretch and do some of these exercises on my own.  Emily also said that she would assess my hamstrings again on Thursday to determine how to proceed with physical therapy exercises and training. Fingers crossed for running this weekend!


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