Amazon Gift Card!

After 5 years of accruing reward points on my credit card, I FINALLY earned a $100 gift card! I chose Amazon because I’m a Prime Member and get free shipping on ‘prime’ qualified items. So its $100 in products! I haven’t spent all of it…yet, but check out what I ordered so far!

1. Whenever I go to the gym I LOVE to use a physio ball. So what does that have to do with my gift card? I bought a physio ball package to do stretching and core exercises from home! This was a GAIAM set: a physio ball (with plugs), resistance band, air pump and DVD. My experience so far: The ball was very easy to inflate with the hand held pump, however some air did escape when I removed the pump nozzle to place a ‘plug’ in its place.  GAIAM listed this product as ’75 cm’ size ball, but to many reviewers, GAIAM physio balls ran small.  According to size charts (elsewhere online) I needed a 65 cm size for my height (5’6″). At the advice of the reviews, I ordered a size up because I wanted to forego the pain of returns… and they were right! The ball didn’t pump up to the full standard size, nor did it pump to a super firm state.  But, I am happy with its durability and that it is the right size for me. As for the other products: the resistant band seems adequate and the DVD works on my computer.  The DVD has a variety of workouts, short, full body and an extra. Maybe I will try one out and let you know how it goes! So I’m fine with this product, however if at some point I want higher quality physioball, I will invest more than just $20 😉

Here is a picture of the stuff (yoga mat not included)!

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2. I tried running with a ‘waist’ fuel pack and decided it was time to go with a hand held. However, I still really liked my Nathan brand waist pack, since it had a very clever design.  So I thought, why not try their hand held version of my current pack? Found one!!! It’s called the ‘Quickshot Plus Handheld Hydration‘ (I received it in the mail the other day and its awesome!!!!!). Check out the photos I took below!  Flask mouth piece: instead of a water bottle ‘nipple’, it has that ‘X’ of plastic-like material Nathan calls a ‘racing style cap’ because it has a one-way valve. I guess its one less step for hydrating if you don’t have to open the lid, just drink!  The bottle itself holds ~10 ounces of fluid. Front: has a zipper pocket with an elastic lined pocket inside. I plan on putting my inhaler and some gels in there when I run.

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Backside: Has an adjustable hand strap (see bottom) and a pocket for ID (probably too small to cram driver’s license).  Plus it has a ‘pull out’ plastic ID card that is permanently attached to the hand pack. So far I’m very pleased with everything, the Nathan brand certainly delivered again!  The only difficulty was with the flask removal (which was advertised); it took me forever to figure out! And for those of you noticing those little black ‘buttons’ on the front, I examined them closely and noticed they were permanent rivets. I knew that if I tried to pry one open it would be permanently broken! But I was determined to figure it out because I was secretly hoping I could interchange my other Nathan bottles with this one (same shape and size)… After some finegaling, I figured it out!  I had to unscrew the cap and work carefully to get the lip of the flask under the grey ‘collar’.  It’s great the water bottle fits so snug (therefore no bouncing), it’s just a bit difficult to remove ;P

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How do you wear this thing? You put your hand through the strap (obviously) and to keep it secure, you put your thumb through the top loop! The tag says it has moisture wicking material. Pretty aweseome right? Also, Nathan wrote a disclaimer on the plastic information card:

Nathan encourages all athletes to run safe by carrying a cell phone and ID, and wearing reflective.

I couldn’t agree more! 😀


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