Bing’s Summer of Doing!

Today I took my first online blogging-centered class through! It was How to use Illustrator to make your brand yours with Allison and I had so much fun! I had never done an online course before, so it was interesting to log on, see a class chatroom, participate in a brief poll, and then have a host briefly explain how the online class worked.  For illustrator, Alison did a ‘screen share’ online stream so you could see what she was doing on Illustrator. I did my best to follow along, although I’m not very fast with Illustrator since I’m such a newb 😉  If you are interested in some of her online youtube tutorials check out her channel The Alison Show! I know that I will be spending lots of time on her channel and Illustrator this afternoon 🙂 Check back later for a post showing you some of the cool things I learned!

Bing’s Summer of Doing is providing an opportunity for bloggers to take up to 4 of Alt’s online classes for FREE! That’s right, FREE! Just follow the directions on the website for details.
Thank you BING!!!! If you read my previous blog post Must. Love. Blogging: Alt Online Classes, you know that I signed up for an Illustrator class and Advertising/finding sponsors class. Since I already loved the first class, I want to make the most of this awesome opportunity from Bing’s Summer of Doing to take 2 more!!!

Classes I would like to take:
1.  July 20th: Pinterest 101: How to use and utilize Pinterest; I have heard a lot about Pinterest and don’t know how to use it, so I’d like to learn more!!!
2.  July 27th: Photoshop for bloggers; Another Adobe program I have on my computer and don’t really know how to use, but I’d like to learn!
Alternative: July 30th: Content is King. I’m all for learning how to draw in viewers with stronger content!

Alt offers more than just blogging related classes, they offer marketing, social media, life balance and so much more! And even if you don’t get into a class for free, their prices are very affordable!!!! Check them out!!!


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