Physical Therapy: Day 2

Watch my second ‘vlog’ that recaps my previous visit and gives you my thoughts before my second physical therapy visit! Then read more to see how my appointment went!

Physical Therapy: Day 1

My appointment was at noon today.  I met with my physical therapist briefly before she sent me off to warm up on the bike. I rode for 5 minutes and stared out the window overlooking the ocean (yea I picked a good place 🙂 ). Soon after Matt, Emily’s assistant, came over and directed me to use the incline calf stretch and this cool ‘runged’ belt to stretch my hamstrings. I quickly figured out that Emily was the ‘head honcho’ and that after the initial consultation, she delegated tasks to her underlings.  Which is why Matt gave me instructions (as per Emily’s direction) on what exercises I would be doing today rather than Emily herself.  

I did the same 4 exercises as Tuesday plus a few more:

  • Single leg balance on foam balance mat (hold 30 sec x 3 reps)
  • Wall squats with a physio ball (hold squat for 10 sec x 10 reps)
  • Side step with resistant band (20 feet in both directions x 3 reps)

The single leg balance was pretty easy, I even took my shoes off for more of a challenge. Next time I will try doing it with my eyes closed 😉 As for the others, I started to ‘feel’ the wall squats around rep 8 and I could only do 2 reps of the side stepping.  I totally felt the side stepping working my glute/hip area! Pretty sure I need to do more side steps to strengthen that area even more (especially since the chiropractor told me the same thing)…

To wrap up the session, I used the foam roller to stretch my hamstrings.  Emily came over, asked about how my session went and directed me to the table to do another short deep tissue massage.   Yesterday I was really sore from Tuesday’s massage, but today I didn’t feel any soreness and thought I was fine.  But as soon as she started the massage, I could feel that it was still tender.  After the massage, Emily had me ice my hamstring for about 10 minutes. She told me to hold off on the running until it healed completely, but that I could do short walk-runs to see how it felt. However, I shouldn’t push and do too much too soon. Not to worry, I know that’s the reason that landed me here in the first place!

Since I will be heading back home early Monday morning, I asked Emily for a print out sheet that listed the various exercises I should do from home. Not only did she have one ready with the extras written below, but she cut off a piece of a resistant band material ‘roll’ for me to take home and use! Now I can do the side stepping without having to find a band at the store! Sweet!

I plan on calling my chiropractor’s office (3 in 1; chiro, PT and massage therapy) to set up a couple more physical therapy sessions because I want to make sure this heals properly.  I’m not sure when my running life will be back in full swing, since its probably a matter of taking it one day at a time. Be sure to check back in soon because I plan on making a video of the different exercises I do!


13 thoughts on “Physical Therapy: Day 2

    • Well it was really hard to tie my phone to my steering wheel… and it took a good 10 min of ‘run throughs’ before I got a good one. Plus, I wasn’t sure anyone was watching them! I may consider doing more…even though PT is almost over!

      • Haha; I wondered about the holding the camera still part.. and you seem so natural, I wouldn’t think you did more than one take 🙂
        Maybe do a weekly running recap?

      • Looking forward to it!! AND if you wanted to some random ones on running tips for beginners.. I’d be all ears! I did a long 1.56 miles today.. All these Sweat Pink Girls are posting their long runs today and making me want to attempt running more. You know, they’re posting 13 miles, 16 miles, 18 miles. I got my 1.5 and that’s all I got 😛

      • You are running further than me right now! I get 5 minutes of running every few days (imbedded with a lot of walking). Maybe I will see if my PT can send me the video of me running, so I can post here and let you know what he had to say! OR I should bring a flash drive to get it off his computer since video files can sometimes be too large to fit in an email…

      • no, I played soccer for 8 years and did lots of running, but never track or cross country, so technically I’ve never been taught about form. I’ve just been looking online recently about ‘proper running form’.

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