Physical Therapy: Video of Routine

Hi everyone! I decided to record the activities I currently do for my hamstring strain! The video is about 12 min long, so if you are interested in only a portion of the exercises, let the video load and ‘jump’ to that area (see below for exercises and times) 🙂

Warm-up: 5 min easy cycling on the bike or ~10 min of regular paced walking.

Exercises 1-4: Perform 3 sets x 10 reps each leg for all exercises (see video 1:16-5:00)

  • (1) Straight Leg Raise
  • (2) Outer Hip Abductor: Advanced use ankle weights
  • (3) Inner Hip Abductor
  • (4) Prone Leg Extension

Exercises 5-7: Some props are required (see video 5:53- 9:40)

  • Single Leg Balance: Hold 30 sec x 3 reps each leg; I love using the Fit Paws!
  • Physio Ball Wall Squat: Hold 10 sec x 10 reps; GAIAM physio ball
  • Side Steps with Resistant Band: walk 20-30 ft and back x 3 reps

Stretching: see video (see video 9:40-11:30)

  • Calf stretch: Hold 30 sec x 3 sets on a stair or use 2 Fit Paws (heel touching ground) to get a great stretch!
  • Hamstring stretch: Hold 30 sec x 3 sets for yoga strap or slowly roll across foam roller 2-3 times. Both are awesome!

Disclaimer: This video is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. I am not a physician or physical therapist, so if you are injured please seek a professional in the field. I did!


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