Week 8: LBHM

A reflection on this week: July 16th- 22nd

MondayToday was my grandfather’s memorial service. While it was an emotional day for my family, I was excited to find some Amazon packages waiting for me when I got home 🙂 See post Amazon Gift Card!.

Tuesday: Last week I made an appointment to see an orthopedic specialist. See posts Uggg…I decided to call an orthopedic specialist and What the Orthopedic Specialist had to say. Today I went to my first physical therapy session! See post Physical Therapy: Day 1.

Wednesday: Took my first blogging-related class using Illustrator to ‘make my brand mine’! It was so much fun I decided to utilize Bing’s offer to take 2 more free classes! See post Bing’s Summer of Doing. 

Thursday: I went to my second physical therapy session! Did a light workout followed by a short deep tissue massage to help break up scar tissue in my hamstring. See post Physical Therapy: Day 2.

Friday: Took a pinterest class! Can’t wait to write a post all about it!

Saturday: Wrote about the Pinterest class and pinned some things! See post What is this ‘pinterest’?

Sunday:  Today I will be going to my uncle’s memorial service. He passed away July 7th, 2012 and he will be missed by all. Please tell your loved ones today that you love them. Here’s to hoping next week improves.

LBHM stands for: Long Beach Half Marathon. So for any future posts about training, I will have the week # followed by the acronym for the event 🙂


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