Wish Upon a Fish

Last Wednesday, I took a class from altitudesummit.com and learned how to make mood boards in Illustrator! The instructor, Alison (blog The Alison Show), taught an awesome 1 hr class on the subject! I learned how to make a document, place images, create clipping masks, shapes, write text over images, save for web & design and little ‘hot key’ commands along the way…  To see an example of what a board (collage of photos basically) looks like, check out the one I made below! If you have Illustrator and are interested in how to make something of your own, check out Alison’s youtube tutorials!

Wish Upon a Fish

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Wish Upon a Fish: I was inspired to make a fish mood board because I am a marine scientist and well, the ocean is my muse!  All of these photos were taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium during the summer of 2011.  The particular images used to create the board were taken at the most amazing exhibit, the aquarium’s kelp tank!  Its an awesome exhibit because the tank stands two stories tall and has Macrocystis (giant brown kelp) growing inside! The fish and other organisms living in the tank are all native to the Monterey Bay and represent what life looks like ‘under the sea’ in the bay. I LOVE the ocean!


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