Olympics 2012 Women’s Soccer: USA vs Colombia


Good morning USA! I’m proud to announce that the Women’s soccer team put another win under their belt! Plus it was a shutout (no goals scored against them!). As a former soccer player myself, I like to keep up with women’s soccer when I can, especially during the olympics 🙂  Here is a full schedule of both men’s and women’s soccer games: Olympic Soccer Event Schedule.

Today’s game: I woke up late, so I missed the first half of the game. However, I might watch the full replay later once it’s available on nbc.com 😉  I tuned in at half-time, the game was currently 1-0, team USA. The whistles blew to denote the start of the second half and soon after, it became apparent that USA was going to dominate the game.  Time continued to tick away, and the game stayed on the Colombian side of the field. Their goalie certainly earned her keep by defending their goal from the tenacious Americans, play after play. Before I go further, I would like to state for the record that I was a goalie, so while I root for team USA, my heart goes out to both goalies.  When you are a goalie, the responsibilities of the position weigh heavily on your mind: you are the last line of defense, you become the center of blame if a goal is scored against you even if you are constantly running around trying to defend it, and you have to keep your mind free from those negative thoughts in order to play a good game. When a forward misses scoring a goal, its “oh so close, get it next time!”, when a goalie misses, it can mean the difference between a goal scored against your team or a lucky fluke on the opposing forward’s part.  And while team USA scored 3 goals against team Colombia, they were definitely hard earned goals since I believe the Colombian goalie did her job when they were scored; running to the edge of the box to defend a break away (not much you can do in that situation) and following the confusing play of ball moving back and forth right in front of the goal between Colombian defense players and American forwards. I assume the first goal was also along those same lines (but I didn’t get a chance to see it!)

As for Hope Solo (USA goalie), decked out in solid gold to contrast her candy striped teammates, she only made a few appearances during the last 15 minutes of the game when the Colombians stepped up to finish hard. The Colombians did manage a few opportunities for shots on goal, like during penalty kicks outside the penalty box, but for the most part Hope Solo had it pretty laid back for the duration of the second half (what every goalie likes even though it can be boring). She demonstrated her long-distance goal kicks a few times, but didn’t have much action compared to the Colombian goalie.

For Hope Solo’s perspective on being a goalie, check out her short video, Hope Solo: Psychology of a GoalkeeperI definitely appreciate her perspective:

being a goalkeeper you can’t win games, you have to save games…it’s a position where you are either the hero or the goat. 

And speaking from experience, what she said is so true!

My take on the game: While the Americans certainly dominated and came out with a winning shutout, the Colombians didn’t give up and played hard till the end. And that I respect.

Official Olympic Statistics:

  • Posession: USA 56% vs Colombia 44%
  • Shots: USA 19 vs Colombia 8
  • Shots on goal: USA 3 scored/ 9 shots  vs Colombia 0/1
  • Standings: USA is top of the group G leader board. 2 wins so far!

Be sure to check out the game recap of the game that followed: USA vs North Korea!

What are your favorite olympic events?



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