Physical Therapy: Days 3 and 4

Wednesday, I went to my chiropractor for a regular visit followed by an appointment for a comprehensive assessment by my new physical therapist.  To recap: I had to find a local PT since Emily was only a temp while I was visiting parents, but luckily my chiropractic clinic offers physical therapy and massage therapy as well! Awesome!


I’m already liking my new PT, Chris,  because he is a runner and wants to treat my injury as such. Chris explained that rather than just focusing on ‘fixing’ my hamstring, he wanted to design an exercise regime that would help me build a strong foundation to help prevent running related injuries in the future.  This is EXACTLY what I wanted this from my previous PT, but when I asked her about ‘overall’ exercises for building a running foundation, I felt like such a nag since her attention was divided amongst 4-5 other patients at the same time.  It really did not seem like an ideal scenario for me.  But I’m happy to report that things are different here!



For today’s PT session, I had an ultrasound done on my hamstring area to help warm up the muscle and surrounding tissue.  I could feel that my hamstring was still tender from where the chiropractor used the graston tool on Wednesday and knew it would not be pleasant having the graston tool used again (though necessary). Hopefully sore means healing!  And did I mention that on Wednesday my chiropractor also used cold laser therapy? The tool basically looks like a fancy laser pointer, (but its not!) and when the light is shown on an injured area, it is supposed to help promote healing at the cellular level. I found a cute diagram below.  While its frustrating being injured, at least I’m learning lots along the way!  After the ultrasound, Chris used the graston tool (yes it was as painful as I expected). Thankfully we rounded out the session with lots of stretching.

Cold Laser Therapy


To conclude the appointment, Chris showed me the stretches I should do on a daily basis and briefly explained the exercise regime I would start Monday (when I go back).  While I understand that its necessary for me to take time off to heal properly, it’s been hard for me to keep my spirits up because I feel like such a lazy bum.  I really wish I could go out and run. I just keep telling myself that this experience will help me build a solid foundation so that if I truly want to run my butt off in the future (and I do!!!!) that I can do so injury free. Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!


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