Week 9: LBHM

A reflection on this week: July 23- 29th

MondayToday I drove back home. Loonngg day….That evening, I took another online course called Photoshop for bloggers.  It was awesome!

Tuesday: To showcase my new Illustrator skills from the class I took last week, I made an artboard called Wish Upon a Fish (click to see post!). Later that day, I took an online class called Bringing home the bacon when your blog isn’t.  Super informative!!!!

Wednesday: I went to my third physical therapy session and met my new PT (since I went to a different PT when I visited my parents for a week and a half). To read more about that session see my previous post Physical Therapy: Days 3 and 4.

Thursday: I FINALLY put my new found photoshop skills to use by touching up the photos for another board called My Running Essentials (click to see post!). It is a compilation of everything I use to run! Stay tuned for more art boards!

Friday: Today was my fourth physical therapy visit. To read more about that, again see Physical Therapy: Days 3 and 4.

Saturday: Started watching the olympic games! My first event was a women’s soccer game, team USA vs Colombia. To see the outcome of that game, check out my post Olympics 2012 Women’s Soccer: USA vs Colombia.

Sunday: Please give a HUGE round of applause to my dog Chloe who is a TWO YEAR cancer survivor today!!! July 29th, 2010, Chloe underwent an amputation to cure her cancerous tumor (spindle cell sarcoma). Today, she is 11 and still going strong even on three legs. To watch a very cute video tribute I made, see below! And to read more about her three legged adventures, visit my other blog Being 4 legged is so overrated. Have a ‘hoppy’ sunday everyone!!!!

LBHM stands for: Long Beach Half Marathon. So for any future posts about training, I will have the week # followed by the acronym for the event 🙂


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