Cute & Affordable Exercise Attire

Since the olympics is taking over our lives, I decided to just share a style board I made of my recent cute and affordable exercise attire finds! I like to frequent T.J.Maxx, Ross, Walmart (but I prefer Target) and Goodwill 🙂 Good luck to everyone in the olympics!

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What are your favorite places to shop for exercise attire?


7 thoughts on “Cute & Affordable Exercise Attire

  1. I am not a huge fan of Walmart (I’m a Target girl), but your post about the Walmart shirts convinced me to give them another try. I went and saw the shirts you mentioned, which would be great in the fall, but I also ran across their Danskin tanks. $5 ribbed moisture-wicking tanks, and $12 spandexy capris? Check! (I also picked up a couple pair of booty workout shorts for $7!)

    • Awesome!!!! I too am a target girl myself, I was surprised that I even purchased something from walmart (was there the other day with a friend for another reason).

      Looking at exercise clothing in any store is a guilty pleasure of mine, hence my ‘perusing’ of Walmart when I was there anyway. Target will forever be my favorite, but Walmart has pleasantly surprised me recently 🙂

      • Love, love, love the $5 tank tops!! The shorts are alright.. they ride up a little, but that’s just part of being short shorts, I suppose lol. I also bought a $3 clearance tank that I wore for the Color Run that (although it was white) I ended up loving! I’m not a fan of white, but this was super cool and comfy.
        My Walmart actually sits in between my gym and Target.. so I really don’t mind stopping in there after the gym, all gross and sweaty. hehe.

    • Hahah, totally! Also, not sure if one of my comments made it on your blog before my Internet craped out. Oh well I’m heading to bed anyway and probably won’t remember what I said and if was worth trying to retype… Using phone. WordPress is a bit weird to use from this device…

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