Olympics 2012 Women’s Soccer: USA vs North Korea


Another awesome day for team USA! I’m pleased to announce that the USA Women’s soccer team put a third win under their belt! And another shutout (no goals scored against them!).  Currently they have a 256 minute shutout streak, go Hope Solo and team USA! As a former soccer player myself, I like to keep up with women’s soccer when I can, especially during the olympics 🙂  Here is a full schedule of both men’s and women’s soccer games: Olympic Soccer Event Schedule.

Today’s game: As soon as I tuned into NBC live online, the whistle blew to denote the start of the game.  North Korea was decked out in solid red while the US sported blue tops and white shorts.  During the first half hour of the game, the US kept the play on the North Korean side of the field, wanting to make the first goal.  Sure enough, in the 25th minute, Abby Wambach (USA) scored the first and would be only goal of the game!!! As for Hope Solo (USA goalie), decked out in solid green to contrast her teammates, she made only a few appearances during that time, some pass backs etc… And while a few yellow cards were awarded during the first half of the game, Ye Gyong Ri in the 13th minute, Lauren Cheney in 16th minute, and Song Hui Kim in the 42nd,  it really wasn’t until the second half of the game that things started to heat up!

At the start of the second half, you could tell that team USA was hungry for another goal and that the North Koreans wanted to qualify for the quarterfinals badly. Back and forth plays across the field followed by some quick plays across both goal boxes, but no goal in sight for either team.  During that time, Mi Gyong Choe earned her first yellow card, 15 minutes later her second, which meant she automatically earned the first red card of the game.  The commentator made a remark 10 minutes prior that a red card had not yet been awarded in this olympics and thought it was ironic it happened only a short while later.  In the last few minutes of play, the North Koreans pushed on in an attempt to make some final plays that would earn them the goal they were hoping for. Three whistles and the game was over. USA 1, North Korea 0. USA will play Friday (6:30am PST, 9:30am EST) against New Zealand in the quarterfinals. Click here for the USA vs New Zealand game recap.

My take on the game: While the Americans came out with another winning shutout, the North Koreans sure played a tough game to try to make a comeback. All things considered, it was an exciting game to watch!

Official Olympic Statistics:

  • Posession: USA 63% vs North Korea 37%
  • Shots: USA 17 vs North Korea 4
  • Shots on goal: USA 7 vs North Korea 1

Highlights of the game (screenshots from NBC live feed)


If you missed the last game, click here for a recap of USA vs Colombia!


What are your favorite olympic events?



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