Physical Therapy: Days 5 and 6

Monday and Wednesday of this week, I had another couple of physical therapy sessions 🙂


I am now falling into a routine at the PTs office: ultrasound to warm up my hamstring area followed by a short massage, graston scraping, stretching and exercising.  And guess what? After 3 weeks of PT, I no longer have any scar tissue in my inner hamstring (though it is still tender) and the bursa in my upper/inner calf is less inflamed!!! YAY!! I have been cleared to resume my flow yoga classes starting next Friday and I’m so stoked! Chris also said (fingers crossed) that depending on how my hammy is doing during next week’s sessions, I also might be able to do some walk/runs!! AHHH I so WANT TO RUN!!!!!! 

Yesterday, Chris also checked to make sure my knee didn’t have any internal damage (twisted it in different directions) since I’ve had some weird sensations while sitting down.  Once he deemed everything seemed to be ‘OK’, I started my exercise regime with the 4 leg exercises (front leg raise, clamshells, side leg raise and prone hip extension) plus some new ones: resistant balance poses, squats, and hamstring eccentric exercises. Good news is that none of the exercises hurt, so from now on I will be doing the 4 intro exercises and stretching poses at home. That way I can focus on the harder exercises during the PT sessions. Hopefully this means I am healing well!

On another note, I sure love following the women’s soccer games and can’t wait to watch US vs New Zealand tomorrow morning!!! Hope everyone else is enjoying the olympics!!!


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