PRO Compression Socks Deal sends me lots of emails that I tend to ignore. However, I got a coupon code for 50% OFF + Free shipping on Pro Compression socks that are normally $50!!!! My total came out to be $26 & change.  The code expires on Aug 12th, 2012, so if you love these socks or want to try out a pair use the code SOCKS in checkout.    I was impressed by the company’s shipping because I purchased my socks online on Aug 5th, received them in the mail Aug 8th and was wearing them that evening even though they said it would take 2-3 weeks for delivery!  They are so comfy and awesome that I wanted to snag another pair before they doubled in price!!!! Here are my pink socks below:

I wanted to get a baby blue pair of socks for my second pair, but they were out of the S/M size I needed. So I decided to go with a fire engine red pair instead 🙂 Can you tell that I like bright colors?!?! How they feel: They provide more compression around the shins/calves than the feet, but they aren’t too tight.  The fabric stretches a bit (you can see some white showing in the picture above), which I assume is normal. Wearing full length socks brings me back to my soccer days… I suppose I could have gotten a black or white pair as my second pair so I could wear a black sock on one leg and a pink on another leg… something I used to do in soccer practice when I was very young. Not sure the red and pink would look good together…

Why did I order these in the first place? I have been battling a lower hamstring strain and bursa in my upper calf just below the back of my knee.  I decided to give compression socks a try (certainly compression is good for reducing inflammation and trying it couldn’t make it any worse) and they make my legs feel energized!  I’ve read other blog posts about these socks and people like to sleep in them.

To get caught up on my hamstring recovery process, see the Injuries page which has links to all my posts about the diagnosis/physical therapy. Have a great day!

Do you own compression socks and would like to share your experience with them? Do you think you would ever purchase a pair? 

Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “PRO Compression Socks Deal

  1. I have been contemplating a purchase of compression socks as well. I don’t have a particular reason why I need them other than I’d just like to try them. Thanks for the code…I may just have to order me some now!

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