Physical Therapy: Days 7 and 8

This week I had physical therapy on Mon and Wed. Pretty much went the same as last week with increasing exercise difficulty, but I was actually sore Tuesday and Thursday (unlike last week) in my upper quad, mid hamstring, and glutes. My lower hamstring didn’t hurt when I performed any of the exercises, it just felt sore about 5 hours afterward and a little tender where my PT did some massage therapy/graston scraping. At least the ultrasound therapy is supposed to help promote soft tissue regrowth to counteract the breakdown of the scar tissue process.

Since I am supposed to stretch 1-2 times a day at home, I had been using my yoga strap for the hamstrings (recommended). But after a few weeks of that, I grew tired of having crumpled hands after using the strap for 3 x 30 sec stretches for both legs…

Ever since I used one of the stretching straps (shown above) in the first PT office I visited, it was love at first use. I decided to order a Stretch-out strap from Amazon with the rest of my gift card money because it knew it was MUCH easier to use than the yoga strap for doing my hamstring stretches.  Plus this order came with a little booklet on other stretches to do with the strap.  Since I am not super flexible, the strap is very helpful.  However, according to reviews on Amazon, people who are really flexible don’t get much out of the product.   I also read the handful of low product reviews: those people thought it was a resistant band or something. To clarify, the strap is not ‘stretchy’, it is a woven cotton blend.  You stretch your muscles with the aid of the strap.  I wanted to make sure that nobody interprets “Stretch out Strap” the wrong way.

Since the soreness I feel isn’t a bad type of pain, I am hoping that its an indication of healing soft tissue (properly this time) and increasing strength.  Other than physical therapy, what have I been doing to recover? Lots of icing after PT in the clinic and at home, taking a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM supplement twice a day, a fish oil supplement once a day, anti-inflammatories as needed, and wearing PRO compression socks! Since I have an inflamed bursa sac in my upper calf just below the back of my knee, the socks help keep the swelling down (the knee brace I got is awkward to sit in while the socks are super comfortable). Yesterday I wrote a post about the hot pink socks I ordered from PRO compression, so be sure to check out that post to get the coupon code for getting 50% off and free shipping! The deal expires August 12th, 2012!  If any of you currently have or just bought these socks, let me know how you like them with a comment below!

What are your stretching/recovery essentials?


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