Physical Therapy: Days 9 and 10

Hard to believe I finished my 5th week of physical therapy!  I had another two sessions with increasing exercise difficulty, stretching etc… but on Wednesday I had electro/ice therapy! Basically electrodes were attached to the back of my leg, a low voltage was applied, I felt some weird crawling sensations beneath my skin (which went away after a few minutes when the ice pack above it started to kick in) and after 12 minutes everything was removed.  Last time I had electrotherapy (no ice) was over a year ago for lower back pain (did wonders!), so I knew what to expect.  Electrotherapy is supposed to help reduce pain by ‘resetting’ the nerves in that area, but my hamstring area was still sore on Thursday.   I’m not sure if it did anything or not, but maybe I would have been more sore without the electrotherapy…? Who knows. Overall: I have more flexibility in my inner/lower hamstring, more ‘feeling’ in that area since the graston scraping has broken down the majority of the built up scar tissue and my bursa is slowly subsiding.

The bad news is that I still have running restrictions 😦 , but the good news is that I am allowed to resume my flow yoga classes!  I decided to go this evening, even though I hadn’t gone in oh, about 2 months… so of course it totally kicked my butt! As for my hammy, only a couple of the poses ‘pushed me to that edge’, so I made sure to do the easier versions to be safe side. Even though I am frustrated that I’m not healing faster (aka not running), I have to give myself credit for getting this far!

Oh and I received my second pair of compression socks, which I ordered with the coupon code on my previous post (now expired)! I currently own a pink and red pair and love them both! 🙂 PRO Compression gives out ‘coupon codes’ fairly regularly, so if you are interested in a pair wait until they go on sale! Right now they are having a 40% off sale on ‘Marathon Purple‘ on Size XS and S/M only until Aug 31st, just enter SOM812 at checkout!  For those of you wondering what PRO Compression socks are, check out my previous post about Compression Socks.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


2 thoughts on “Physical Therapy: Days 9 and 10

  1. Is PRO Compression sponsoring your links? If not, you should contact them about how much you brag about their products and see if they have any sort of affiliate program where you can get extra discounts for referring your readers! 🙂
    I’ve seen other blogging ladies do it through FitFluential, but worth a shot!

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