Hiking and Free Organic Food

What could be better than that? This morning my friend, my dog and I went on a short hike at Garland Ranch Park followed by sampling free food from an organic farm! Certainly a fun way to end my summer vacation 🙂 since school starts next week….

The hiking area had a ‘woodsy’ feel for being in a valley and had numerous trails just waiting to be explored!  It was nice to see how animal friendly the trails were (for dogs and horses) since there were plenty of ‘doggie bag’ stations, ‘hitch’ stations outside the restrooms (to hook your animal to), faucets with rustic buckets for drinking out of, just all kinds of amenities!

After walking for about 40 minutes (my 3 legged dog is getting older and can’t do really long hikes/walks like she used to), we hopped back into the car, drove down the road a couple miles and wandered around Earthbound Organic Farms until the food demonstration started. My friend loves going to this place and calls it her ‘oasis’. And it truly was just that! They have cute little garden areas: herb garden (wonderfully fragrant), kitchen garden, raspberry vines (which you can pick and eat!), kid-friendly garden play area, flower garden (once a month during the summer you can pay a flat fee and pick lots of their flowers!) and a quaint food stand! They sell the produce they grow and have a small cafe if you want to have a sandwich or fresh soup. Mostly we came for the free food demonstration their executive chef puts on once a month (summer only).

I stayed for an hour and watched the chef make some fresh heirloom tomato gazpacho. It was super delicious and rich with flavor! I think my friend owns her cookbook, so when I get the recipe, I will be sure to share the recipe on my blog:) I plan on going to their last demonstration of the summer next month (and staying the whole time, so no hike!), so I can sample free food and learn another new recipe!

How is everyone’s weekend going?


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