Caterpillars, frogs and plants, oh my!

Today, I decided to share something silly and non-running related! There are cute fuzzy caterpillars crawling all over/around this clump of large shrubs near my house and I couldn’t help taking some photos.  Even though I am not a fan of most bugs, caterpillars are a favorite and I think it might have to do with my butterfly obsession.

Last weekend I repotted my plants and found a frog hiding in the window sill! This is the 5th frog I have found in my house.  Why? Well I had some plants previously living outside that I brought indoors, and apparently I brought tiny frogs in as well… The other 4 were caught and released outside, but unfortunately this one disappeared before I could catch it…its probably hiding in my plants somewhere.  At least frogs are another type of creature I don’t find gross. And no, I did not stage the lizard and frog photo, one of the other frogs I discovered (a month ago) hopped there and it was such a perfect photo!

School started over a week ago and I haven’t had much time to blog! This weekend I will probably post about yoga, getting back into running and about my halloween costume plan, so be sure to check back soon!


2 thoughts on “Caterpillars, frogs and plants, oh my!

  1. What fun little critters to run into! Beautifully photographed 🙂

    I see things like that.. and freak out.. hehe. Cute from far away, sure.. but I’m even scared of butterflies.. An ex took me to a butterfly house once cause he thought it would be cute and romantic.. I was terrified.. lol.

    • hahah! Butterfly houses are cool, but it can be a little freaky when so many are flying around you (moths at night and in the dark brushing by me give me heebe jeebies). I mostly have preserved butterflies behind glass….but I love drawing/painting them!

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