Flow Yoga and Running Skorts

Even though I have been ‘cleared’ to start a run/walk program, my hamstring has been aching on/off for the last week and a half.  I had a pretty intense PT session Wed Aug 22nd:  in addition to the normal deep tissue massage, graston scraping, and strengthening exercises, I also did lots of two and one footed jumping (front/back and side/side). I was sore for days, so I waited until Sunday to do yoga.

Pictured above: XL Bean Yoga bag (soo roomy!), yoga strap and Fit Paws (even though they are for dog core work, I like to step on the dome with my toes to get a good calf stretch!)

Speaking of yoga, I went to a 1.5hr Power Yoga class last Sunday, which was good to do (since it involves strength and balance, so my PT encourages me to go), but I had an off day. The numerous ups/downs made me pretty light headed (usually no problem) and I’m sure the sun-warmed room didn’t help.  I really considered giving up or sitting down about half way through since I was also getting weird hot flashes on top of that ‘about ready to faint any second’ feeling.  Maybe I wasn’t hydrated enough? However, I also naturally have pretty low blood pressure (sometimes as low as 90/60, most days its 110/80), so maybe it was just ‘one of those days’.  Around that point of ‘do or faint’, luckily we transitioned to core work on the ground (an immense relief).  And even better: To wrap up the class we did lots of stretching and had a long shavasana (laying down rest period).  I felt better after class, but was still annoyed at my body.  Thankfully when I went to my regular Flow Yoga class last night, I didn’t have a problem with dizziness.  So I have no idea what my deal was….

Anyway, back to the walk/running program…  My hamstring has not bothered me today (even though I went to yoga last night which can leave me sore the following day) and as long as it feels this way tomorrow I will do Stage 1 of the walk/run program!  To top it off, my mom sent a Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG) running skort she bought for me and it came early!  It was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, but I’m glad it came today so I can try it out tomorrow! It will certainly be a nice motivating factor to ‘hit the ground running’ (literally) after my injury recovery hiatus.

What helps to motivate you after an exercise hiatus?


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