Getting back into the running groove…

This morning I finished the first day of my walk/run program since my hamstring strain has healed enough to do so!  I am pleased to say that my right hamstring did not bother me during the exercise. However, my left lower knee area had a twinge once in a while, but it didn’t last long.  Normally I have little twinges and aches here and there during the first 10 min of my run, so I wasn’t too concerned.  But I will let my PT know when I see him again on Wednesday just in case.

I made a collage of my walk/run today: upper left, pretend running in my skort before my workout; upper right, my bizarre route, I didn’t want to go too far in one direction and end up exercising way too long; bottom, shows my split times.

Due to the split’s being in miles (I should change that), it looks like I have an inconsistent pace.   My first mile was SUPER slow because I walked my dog for 7 min (with a poop stop) and had to put her back in the house before starting Stage I of the program (5 minutes of walking followed by 1 minute of jogging x 5 for a total of 30 minutes).  My total ‘workout’ was around 45 min, since I did an extra walk at the end as well.  After I got home, I stretched for about 10 min (with strap and foam roller) and then iced.   A little fatigue setting into my hamstring now, but I don’t have any sharp pains. It feels similar to what I experience after a PT session. Anyway, I am SO glad to be running again (even though it was for only 5 minutes)! Yay for small victories!

P.S. Loved running in the skort! Only thing, I won’t run in it when its super windy.  There was a light breeze toward the end of my workout, but if it had been any stronger I would have unintentionally flashed passerbys with my spandex shorts beneath the skirt. I have a fairly smooth stride, so thankfully the skort didn’t flap too much on its own (even though this particular one my mom bought is a bit on the short side!).  If you are wondering what brand of skort I’m wearing, its Mondetta Performance Gear!


4 thoughts on “Getting back into the running groove…

  1. Yay! Glad you were able to get back out there. I am babying a strange pain in my left leg that just keeps rearing its ugly head. I know how frustrating it can be. Love the skort. I don’t have one, but I might have to check those out.

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