A Big Sur decision has been made

I just signed up for the Big Sur 9 miler on April 28th, 2013! And for those of you familiar with my previous post Big Sur 2013: 10.6 or 9 miler?  you will remember I was originally leaning toward the 10.6 distance…

What changed? I decided I wanted to have more flexibility by driving myself to the starting line and sleeping in longer.   For the 10.6, I would have had to be bussed to the line at an ungodly hour, wait for all the busses to leave Hwy 1, and try not to fall back asleep before the start at 7am. Plus I get to visit/run in a new place, Pt. Lobos (I have visited Big Sur, hence all the photos)!

If you are interested in any of the Big Sur International Marathon Events they have:

Be sure to sign up before Sept 30th! Prices increase after that!


2 thoughts on “A Big Sur decision has been made

  1. Super excited to hear how this race goes! I would love to run it, but since it involved travel for me (which = $$$$$$) I want to wait until I’m sure I could kick the marathon’s ass…

    • Thanks! And the full marathon, from what my friend told me who did it in April, is a brutal race! Uneven roads, lots of hills, windy around hurricane point, and you must finish under 6 hours. So if you are looking to do this someday, you have an idea of what to expect! 🙂

      And I completely understand about traveling. As a full time grad student, I can’t participate in races that require a plane ride and hotel…but someday I would love to do events in other places, like Disneyland orlando resort!

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