PT visit and running update

Yesterday I went on another walk/run and it was just like  my walk/run on Sunday; similar mile splits, similar aches once in a while that went away, similar fatigue that set in a few hours later…  And what was strange (both days), was that the little aches and tightness I experienced was different than my original symptoms.  Months ago, my knees felt weak and the back of my right knee felt stressed.  Now, 7 PT sessions later, I have more ‘feeling’ in my hamstring area: a little during, but mostly long after my workouts (including PT).  I know that I had lots of scar tissue built up, which led to the ‘numbness’ or ‘lack of feeling’ I had, but I wasn’t sure if my current symptoms were to be expected or if it was an indicator that I needed to wait another couple of weeks before I started run/walking again.

And that brings us to my PT session this morning.  Hard to believe I hadn’t been there in TWO weeks! My PT went on vacation and since Monday was Labor Day, today was the first available. Anyway, this morning he did some massage therapy on my hamstring and told me the bursa was barely noticeable (which coincided with me not being in pain like previous visits, high five to compression socks!).  Then he filmed me running front/back and side/side in order to better analyze my gait (to see what potential ‘issues’ are).  Then we did the usual session: lots of squats, lunges and balance work type exercises followed by stretching and icing. AND I am still allowed to run/walk (even after I caught him up on my leg feelings) until our next session next week where we will discuss my running form (video analysis).

Overall, even though I am not 100% pain free or 100% as flexible as my left side, I’d say I’m about 85-90% of the way there! It’s funny how much you miss something when you aren’t allowed to do it…which is why I finally signed up for my 3rd race in Big Sur next year!

Have you ever had your gait analyzed?


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