Halloween is just around the corner…

so be sure to check out your local Goodwill for great deals on costumes! Or browse the racks for inspiration to make your own, like I have for the past 2 years!  Not only is it cheaper, but the process of creating your own costume can be fun and rewarding as well: finding that great deal and repurposing a collection of things into an entirely new creation! My mermaid costume was done on a whim: I found perfect garments that I could sew together to transform it into a skirt and super cool ‘geanie’ type shoes that echoed the colors of the other garments.  The downside is that second hand stores don’t have everything and their inventory changes on a regular basis; meaning you might need to make a few trips if you are looking for something specific.

Mermaid Costume 2010 (lots of sewing), Sheep costume 2011 (lots of gluing)

Goodwill’s halloween season started in late August! Never too soon to start planning because it’s just around the corner…click here to see my tutorial page on how to make these costumes!

What/Who do you want to be for halloween?


7 thoughts on “Halloween is just around the corner…

  1. Great recommendation on checking out all the values to be had for Halloween at Goodwill. At this time of year they look more like a seasonal Halloween store than a thrift shop.

    As a diver for most of my life, I feel for your ear problems. Good luck with your career in Marine sciences, as well as with your fitness and running pursuits. My knees remind me how good elliptical trainers can be.

    • Thanks so much for checking out my blog! And cross training with low impact activities (like the elliptical, swimming and yoga are my personal favorites) are definitely great for giving knees (and hip joints) a break!

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