Good afternoon everyone! I just got back from a free yoga class on the beach in Carmel (a local Lululemon ambassador, Kimbe, was hosting)! The only yoga classes I have ever attended have been indoors, so I had no idea what to expect! Other than the sun…which meant sunscreen, hat and sunglasses for me (during the class, but not for the 2 min photo shoot at the end!). As you can see from the photo below, it was a beautiful day for yoga! Sunny skies, light breeze and big waves crashing on the shore!

It was hard for me to get used to the ‘outdoor’ feel at first, since someone bought their dog (large, rhodesian ridgeback) who kept running around everyone in the class (and kicking up sand along the way).  Don’t get me wrong, I AM a dog person, but I left my dog at home so I could let go of my responsibility for a while.  Plus someone else brought their small kids (who were crying at one point), so that was fun…Eventually I got over my annoyance with the parent and owner because I didn’t want to let it to ruin my day.  And I was surprised at myself for being able to ‘let it go’ about 20 min into the practice. Even though the dog (and another much smaller one later) came by to do sniff checks once in a while, I just accepted it as part of ‘the moment’.  It’s hard to explain that ‘tuning out’ experience with words… Fortunately, during the last 15 min of practice, the dogs and small children calmed down, which was nice to have for savasana. Overall, I enjoyed the class! Kimbe reminded me of my first yoga teacher I practiced with for a couple years in college. It was a nice change of pace from the usual butt-kicking flow yoga I do!

After the class, my friend and I walked back to her house, sipping the tea we brewed on the walk down to the beach.  While it wasn’t piping hot anymore (thank goodness, since it was getting warm outside), it still had just enough heat to make it a perfect and refreshing post-yoga drink (even though I also brought my own water). I noticed some of the pretty flowers growing in her garden when we were leaving and she so kindly clipped a hydrangea and a few roses for me to take home! The roses smell so amazing! After I got home, I placed them in my vase.  And for those of you wondering (when you scroll down to the bottom), yes those are seashells and sea glass pieces on the bottom! Insead of marbles, I use shells and glass I collect from the local beach.  It adds a nice touch don’t you think?

Be sure to scroll down to check out some other cool yoga pose pictures!

What are your favorite outdoor activities?


13 thoughts on “Yoga-by-the-sea

  1. Love your shirt!!!

    I need to go into yoga. I say this at least once a week, yet never do. I just don’t know what to look for or where to go to find a good place. Like my commercial gym I go to has a class, but it felt kinda amateurish to me. There are some specific yoga studies around here, but they’re like half hour away. How do you know what a “good” yoga class is?

    • It’s hard to say, but I feel that it depends on your yoga experience (1. recognizing the poses by name and 2. knowing the proper alignment). If it is a relatively new activity (then welcome to yoga!), I would advise trying a few of your local gym’s classes (even if they are ameturish) since it would be a great opportunity to spend time learning the basics! I have been doing yoga for almost 6 years now (and I still can’t do everything…), but I took level 1 classes for about 1-2 years (once a week most of the year) until I felt comfortable with #1 and 2 above.

      Since I am still a student (and therefore have moved nearly every year for the past 6 years) it is always a challenge finding 1. a good teacher and 2. your style of class. When I’m in ‘limbo’ or want to add another practice to my routine (on my own time) I use podcasts (they are free on itunes!). Some have videos associated with them, some are just recordings… but if you know the poses by name, then give the podcasts a try as well! My favorite podcasts are Hillary’s Yoga Practice (esp podcast #71 & #73), Yoga with Les (lots of short videos too on yoga basics, yoga balance poses and a couple classes) and yoga is pretty good too (seems more commercialized). So search/download some free podcasts from itunes!

      And as for ‘finding the right one’ (class and teacher), it just takes time. If you have any friends that do yoga, go to one of their favorite class with them! You never know! If you are ‘flying solo’ (no friend referrals) then most yoga studios offer ‘drop ins’ where you just pay for one class (anywhere from $10-15 depending on location and studio, but its always cheaper to buy ‘class punchcards’ once you find a place you like!). Like I said, it takes time, so if you really want to get into yoga, be patient 🙂

      Since this turned into an essay, I think I should write a whole post about this! (since I could go on…) Hope this helps a bit!

      Oh! And the purpose of yoga is to ‘tune into your mind, body and soul’…which can be hard to do when it seems like everyone else knows what they are doing! The most important thing to do is to focus on YOU and to ignore what other people are doing or wearing in my case (expensive brands I love but can’t afford). It takes a few regular classes, but you will ‘find your groove’!

      • I love doing post swaps (I’ve only done one so far, but it was fun!) and you could post about why weight strength training is good for everyone! (I’ve been doing kettle bell squats for PT!!!)

      • Oooh.. those are fun!! 🙂

        I’d be up for it!! I can put something together this week, will that work for you?

        My email is jenniferhudy at (I just found it it’s better to not type your whole email out there cause spammers can skim your page and pick up your email address to spam you!)

      • oh good to know, I will change that right now! mine is masters2marathons at gmail dot com.

        And yes I can work on that this week, and we can figure out when to post this weekend (my birthday is on sunday, but I don’t have anything planned…)

    • Also wanted to add, I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere and I have to drive 20 min in any direction (hwy) to go to the gym or to my yoga class. There is ONE yoga studio in my little town but the prices are high! Plus, I run other errands etc… either while I am there or to stop somewhere on the way back (to ‘get the most use’ out of the trip!)

      • I just need to work on time management.. 🙂 It’s funny, I used to work two jobs (full-time during the day, part-time on the weekends, plus two nights during the week when not taking classes). I also fit my undergrad and MBA in there somehow.. so now that I have ONE job with a simple 40 hour schedule, I struggle to find time to do stuff? 🙂 I am studying for my personal trainer cert, but it’s crazy how I can’t find time for that, and blogging, and working out.. It’s weird.
        But I should look into places that aren’t that far, but go for them because of the benefits, not because of the slight inconvenience!

      • Whew! I’m already tired just by looking at your old schedule!

        And time does seem to ‘escape’ us no matter what! I just have one day a week I do yoga at a studio, I usually do one day a week by myself (1. cant afford to pay for classes 2x/week and 2. they are far away). But it has worked out for me. And even going once a week for a few weeks you will notice a difference for sure! I did!

      • I feel overwhelmed lately.. The whole blogging thing is awesome, but it can be time consuming to keep up with your own and follow others! I just need to prioritize I think. And make time for things. And keep my negativity out! 🙂

      • Yep I totally relate! Been having lots of ups/downs recently and trying to stay focused and take care of myself (+dog) can be overwhelming!

        Hopefully you can find your balance (something I struggle with too) so you can be happy and get your certification!!!! Can’t wait till you hit that milestone!

      • Thanks, Nicole!! 🙂

        Oh.. one down side to being self-hosted.. is that when you comment on a blog that isn’t from you don’t get the neat little notification at the top of the page, which is a bummer.. I sometimes forget to go back to sites to check on if someone replied to my comment!

      • Thanks for all of your tips! I might consider doing that this weekend, since I will need to ‘play around’ before I get my full site in working order!

        I have been considering it for a while now, but if I do it during the week (or even right now) it will suck me in to the bloggers abyss! Alright, I’m going to ‘pull myself away’ to walk my dog and then head up to lab to get some thesis work done. TTYL!

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