Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog

Hi everyone! I will be participating in the Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog Challenge, so  tune in each week to hear about the new topic of discussion!

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What is the one thing you know now about health/fitness/working out that you wish you knew when you first started?


8 thoughts on “Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog

    • I’m sure you can do it! Just do a couple takes to get the jittery nerves out. Maybe if your bf was around (and hes not laughing) you can pretend like you are having a conversation with him but looking at the camera instead! Sometimes I even feel like I could ‘take it up a notch’ when I talk (I am usually way more silly and animated). I will get there eventually 🙂

      Plus, no matter what, practice practice practice! I’m here supporting you too 🙂

  1. Sweet video!! I found you via Jennifer at Wine to Weightlifting and since I just put in my app to be a sweat pink ambassador, I thought I’d jump over here and see a little of what you spa ladies are doing!
    Anyway, we have a couple things in common–I ran my first half marathon last year and this year I’m training for my first full marathon! Also, you talked about your hamstring injury and I’m with you on checking out things with the doctor before they become a big problem–several years ago I was training for a marathon and I kept feeling a pain in my ankle. By the time I went to the doctor, my ankle was 2/3rds of the way broken! Probably had I gone sooner it would have just been a little crack in the bone that might have healed sooner . . . but we live we learn, right? (Yeah, I didn’t get to do that marathon that year). Here’s another thing we have in common: I also have a three legged dog! Her name is Belle and she doesn’t know she’s missing a leg, so don’t tell her. 🙂

    • Thanks! Good luck with the application! Hope to see the sweat pink ambassador badge on your blog soon 🙂

      Yes, injuries can be annoying, but they need proper care for sure!!! And that’s so awesome you have a three legged dog! I joined Tripawds.com 2 years ago (and have a blog there too) and we welcome all three legged dogs/cats alike! You can join and share Bella’s story in the forums if you like! We always love to connect with fellow tripawders out there!

      P.S. Thanks for dropping by!

      • I saw yoiur Tripawds blog and thought that was a pretty cool idea for a community. 🙂
        But I have three other dogs and they might get jealous if I join a community just for Belle. Ha! Just kidding. (although, i treat them like kids and I think they really do know what is up half the time)

      • Thanks for checking it out!
        Many owners have more than one dog (so its quadpawds + tripawd) and blog about their ‘siblings’. There is this inside tripawd joke that quadpawd siblings are ‘monkey butts’ because they want the spotlight too.

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