Done with Physical Therapy!

I am DONE with Physical Therapy visits! Oh yeah! Be sure to watch the funny outtake at the end…

Would you be interested in watching/listening to my gait analysis critique?


10 thoughts on “Done with Physical Therapy!

  1. I loved Couch to 5k; it’s how I got to run my first one!
    I think it would be neat to get your gait analyzed! I always have issues with running, so to find out if I’m at least doing it properly would be pretty cool. How do you find someone that could do that?

    • good question! I actually tried looking up online ‘where to go’, but was stumped. Thankfully my PT did it for me! Probably not as professionally as a place where they draw lines on you, have special cameras that track your every movement though. I will do some more research and get back to you on that!

      In the mean time, I will get the footage from my PT on Wed when I go for my chiro appt and talk through his critique while showing you guys the slow motion footage. I will let you know when its done 🙂 probably late next week…

  2. I cannot wait to go to my last PT session. I guess I should go to my first though (next week).
    I love that you started training while working on your Masters.
    I did the same and understand how crazy it can be to try to do work, grad classes, and training and how much it can take out of you.
    Keep it up, sounds like you’re doing amazing!

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