Happy early Birthday to me…

…another race by the sea!  It’s the…  Surfer’s Path Marathon and Capitola Half Marathon event on May 19th 2013!

I know, I know, I have YET to run my FIRST half marathon and I’ve signed up for yet ANOTHER HALF (as part of an early birthday present to myself, b-day is tomorrow!)! Am I crazy or do I subconsciously know that I will be back into the full running groove someday soon (?)…. Anyway, this is another event in my neck of the woods!  After looking online, it turns out that I have actually RUN ~ 5 miles of the course when I used to live in the area! How awesome is that?!  It will be my first ‘most familiar’ course! I’m SO PUMPED!  It will probably be my last run in the area for quite some time (possibly years) because I am hoping to graduate a month or two after this race and move back to where my family is to find a job (fingers crossed!).  But maybe I will find a job in the area and a place to live around here…guess I’ll just have to wait and see! Either way, this run will be a nice way to remember the good times I had while living in the area (and if I truly will be graduating soon) as well as my graduate journey for my Masters!

Here are some picts of my dog playing in the East Cliff Beach waves (which I will run by during the race!)

What are your favorite memories of the ocean (if you have ever been)?


5 thoughts on “Happy early Birthday to me…

  1. Happy birthday Nicole!! Oh my goodness, I used to live in Monterey, california, so I have plenty of good memories of the beach, the ocean and just seaside in general. I am not sure I can think of my favorite, but there is one that pops in my mind a lot. When I was 19, so long ago, I used to go down near the wharf, to an area where all the beautiful boats were docked. There was one boat that I loved to sit by, and I would sit there and write in my journal. The boat was the only all-wooden boat and it was so quaint and beautiful and it was named Sea Runner. It was such a peaceful time. Finally, I met the gentleman who owned it. His name was Bill Bacon (never forgot that), and he was older, like 78 or so, I can’t remember that exactly. He invited me to come sit with him on the boat. And I did! We chatted and he gave me apple juice. 🙂 He was such a nice man. About a month later, the boat was gone, and never came back. So I always wonder what happened to Bill Bacon.

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