Pictur(esque) Birthday

Thank you to everyone who called/wrote/sent/tweeted birthday wishes on various methods of communication/media platforms 🙂 Going to be a picture post since I wanted to spend my day doing lots of fun stuff!

What’s in the box?

Lots of Peet’s goodies + a few things from family and friends (not from box)!

VERY cute card from grandpa (yes he did pick it out & such good taste)! Papyrus = amazing

Presents opened, time to eat! Roommate and I made savory pancakes (potatoes, vegetarian sausage, spinach and onion) with some fruit, coffee and fresh squeezed juice!

Enjoying the day with my pup!

My friend treated me to a manicure! 

And then we stopped at a nearby asian market to load up on some fun snacks for movie night (Something’s Gotta Give)!

I had an awesome birthday, so I’d like to thank all my family and friends for making it possible!


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