Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog: Fitness Activities Past and Present

Hi everyone! This week’s Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog Challenge topic is about my fitness activities past and present. Be sure to tune in each week to hear about the new topic of discussion!

If I made a few pairs of earrings for a giveaway, would anyone be interested in participating? See examples during the last minute of vlog or from the image below:

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Has your favorite fitness activity changed over the years and what is your current favorite (why)?


4 thoughts on “Sweat Pink Ambassador Vlog: Fitness Activities Past and Present

  1. JUST got around to listening to this! I do most of my blog reading at work but can’t do the videos there 😛
    Thanks for the props 😉 I wish I felt like you did after I run!
    Those earrings are super cute! You should tweet about it some more and see if you can get some more feedback on them! The thing with Twitter is that sometimes it’s impossible for people to scroll back and read EVERYTHING, so I noticed some girls post the same thing a few times a day to make sure it’s marketed to everyone! They’re adorable but I don’t ever wear earrings 😦

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