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Hi everyone! Just a quick post today about some blog housekeeping and life related updates: custom wordpress domain, Sweat Pink Page, and left knee soreness!

  1. At the start of September, I started contemplating whether I should upgrade my dot-wordpress-dot-com domain by owning it outright. I’m excited to say that and just over a week ago I made the leap! I’m sure some of you might have noticed the little change on my blog url recently 🙂 Important Note: WordPress claims that anyone subscribing to the dot-wordpress-dot-com version of my blog will automatically have it redirected here, but check your RSS feed, Google reader or whatever else you use just in case! Thanks!

  2. Last night I made a permanent I Sweat Pink page under Health & Wellness! This page will be an archive for everything that relates to Sweat Pink (vlogs, meet-ups, events etc…) and regularly updated. Not much now, but eventually!

  3. Recently I was contacted by to potentially work with them early next year! I will keep you updated on what happens (fingers crossed!), but in the meantime check out their website & app! is a free site and app that helps people achieve their health and fitness goals in a fun way 🙂  EX: When you first start, you upload a picture of something you’ll reward yourself with (like a dress, ipad, or cheat meal) and once you rack up enough points and level up, they’ll remind you to reward yourself!
  4. Done with Physical Therapy, but sore left knee?!?!? I knew there was NO way I had developed a runners or jumpers knee having been OUT OF RUNNING for over TWO MONTHS and only having completed 3 sessions of walk/runs (mostly walking) over the last couple weeks.  Thankfully I saw my chiropractor Dr. Justin McLeod from Santa Cruz Spine and Sport this morning, so he did some fancy acupressure stretching and some graston scraping to help it feel better! Luckily my knee didn’t have any scar tissue, it was just a bit tight (muscle/tendons to the left of the kneecap), which caused the pain/soreness. Plus my left quad was WAY more tight than my right side, which could have been a contributing factor (and not surprising since my right side has had lots of attention from the hamstring strain). To prep for my half marathon in 3 weeks, I will keep foam rolling like a boss, icing and compressing since I need to be able to walk for 3.5-4hrs straight (and I don’t want to have any injuries)!

Has anyone ever walked a half marathon? Tips?


10 thoughts on “Blog/Life Updates

  1. Great update, Nicole! 🙂 So my newsreader sometimes has your posts coming up twice.. sometimes just once. No idea what the deal is, but I at least get the notices! 🙂

    And that’s so crazy that you’re still going to go for the half marathon despite your injury! I know you give out advice to listen to your body and not overdo it if you’re hurt, so please be careful!! 🙂

    • Thank you! I will just have to wait and see how I feel in a few weeks. As long as I can walk no problem that day, I should be able to finish without injury (I will probably start a longer walking regime to get my body used to walking long distances in the meantime). I certainly am not planning on trying to ‘speed walk’ or anything, just finish.

      • I was running up to 12 miles a week (longest run was 5.5 mi). I walk everyday for 30-45 min with my dog (about 3 mi), so I am going to start breaking up my walks and gradually increase until race day (probably will only get up to 7mi walk before the race, but putting in the mileage is what counts)! Also coming up with good stretch routine (doing that right now actually on the floor!).
        I do not have a time goal, I just want to walk, take it easy, stretch/rest when I need to and be sure to do LOTS of stretching/icing/resting once the half is over. I’m just going to take it one day at a time and prepare as best as possible until the day comes.

  2. I agree with Jennifer, I’m impressed you are pressing on and planning to walk the half marathon. You go!!
    Also happy for you that you got your own URL!!!! So, the next step is self-hosting, right? 🙂 Now I need to go check out your new sweat pink page. 🙂

      • It’s so easy peasy! Just ask Jennifer. Sad thing though is that all those “followers” you got via are no longer your followers–not all of them anyway. One good thing about that: you find out who really likes reading your blog. 🙂

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