Space Shuttle Flying Over Monterey Bay

I had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of watching the Endeavor space shuttle flying over Monterey Bay!  Even though I waited for about an hour and a half to watch the flyover, it was totally worth it! Watch the video below:

My mom texted me at 9:20am telling me that it would be flying over me sometime soon.  Since she is in So Cal, she found a place to watch at the LAX airport (final destination). So I got a chair, parked myself on my lab’s hill and waited.  My dog tilted her head to the side every time she heard a bird squawk or fly overhead, while I picked off burrs from my pants (that I unintentionally picked up during the walk). My mom kept texting/asking if I had seen it yet, nope, not yet.  I thought maybe they would fly directly from Santa Cruz to Monterey over the water, which would mean everyone inbetween would miss seeing it since there was some cloud cover farther out at sea.  Then my dad called me and before he could say anything I said “No I haven’t seen the space shuttle yet” and he just cracked up.  You see my parents are big space fans so I knew that they were wondering whether I had watched it pass overhead yet or not. Then my dog got tired and wanted to go back home, so I dropped her off at the house, walked back outside to the empty field nearby, waited only 1min before I saw/heard something off in the distance.

Immediately I started recording it with my phone (and praying my batteries wouldn’t die since I only had 30% battery left…) and caught the ‘final flight’ over Monterey Bay. I’m glad I waited it out especially since I managed to catch a picture of it flying over my grad school marine lab facility (above) 🙂 . Thank you NASA for sharing the final flight of the Endeavor with the Californian birth place of the shuttle fleet!!!!

See anything cool today?


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