Believe I Am Sister & Training Journal

I have some exciting news to share with everyone! My blog pal Jen (From Wine to Weightlifting), referred my blog to Believe I Am and yesterday I was asked to join the Believe I Am Sisters in Sport community! What does that mean? I will soon receive a beautiful Believe I Am Training Journal with a real cherry wood cover (like the one above & below) which has goal setting and tracking worksheets to help me accomplish my goals! This journal contains tools for achieving goals perfected by pro women athletes USA Champion Lauren Fleshman and Irish Olympian Ro McGettigan“. -Believe I Am. The purpose of the ‘Sisters in Sport’ community is to keep up with the progress of fellow Sisters’ goals and encourage each other along the way! So awesome!

What is Believe I Am? Believe I Am is a collection of transformative designs and apparel that utilize sports psychology techniques used by pro athletes to help aspirational women succeed in life and in sport by developing positive beliefs about themselves. Be sure to check out their website (click any link or image on my blog) to get your own cute & inspirational merchandise (including YOUR very own journal!)

How will I participate? Set a goal to accomplish by January 5th 2013 and give monthly updates on my progress (excerpts from journal). My goal: work up to running consistently again (3x/week).  After my hamstring recovery and recent left knee tightness, I’ve had to take it easy.  Including foregoing the half marathon in less than two weeks and opting to transfer my registration to walk the 5k instead (see post: Facing Reality).  I hope that if I accomplish this goal of getting back into a regular running routine (without injury!), that I WILL be able to participate in my half marathon in January 2013. As soon as I get my journal I plan on writing my goal down and taking a picture to put up on my blog 🙂

 Have a goal you would like to set and share?  Then join me!  I encourage all my readers and followers out there to start your own goal  journal:  Write down your goals, progress each week and thoughts along the way.

As an undergrad, I took a class about leadership & team building. We spent a couple weeks discussing the importance having goals in our lives.  Not only is it important to have them, but the process of writing/drawing your goals is highly effective for actually accomplishing them. Make a goal to accomplish by Jan 5th, 2013: It can be a fitness, food/meal, or professional oriented goal and can be as big or as small as you choose. Life is a journey, made up of little steps that get us there. No goal is too big or small to start today.

Post your goal here and your progress on my future ‘update’ posts!


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