Post Swap: A Necessary Break and a Lesson Learned

Hi I’m Kym from A Girl Runner and I’m honored to be guest blogging for Nicole today! I thought I’d share with you my journey from couch potato to runner and why I decided I needed a rest. When I started running two years ago, I hated every step I took.  I thought it was something I HAD to do.  I learned to love those same steps and even look forward to them daily.


Fast-forward 2 years; I have crossed 18 finish lines. I really LOVED to run. Lately, though, I have felt like running is a chore; the passion and enjoyment are gone. I almost feel obligated to run. Even shorter distances required all day to prepare myself mentally for. I started considering just stopping and not running anymore but felt I would let everyone down. So, I ran…and I kept running until recently I found myself at a cross-roads. I knew I wanted to step back from running, but I wasn’t sure what to do in its place. I have really come to enjoy the active lifestyle I now lead, thanks entirely to running. My thoughts started wandering to yoga.

Well, after much thinking, I decided to take a break from running. There are still guilty feelings, but the need for a break is natural and most everyone experiences an ebb and flow during their training. Don’t get me wrong, I know this break is necessary for me but I feel like I am turning my back on my best friend. I also know that if I had kept forcing myself out the door, I was bound to end up injured. I was just going through the motions, not paying much attention to anything else except how much longer until I could go home. I got a lot of support from fellow runners via Twitter and my blog on this break and know when I return I’ll be stronger.

Yoga has taught me alot about the way I’ve been treating my body. Stretching was something I neglected because I was usually running to work or with my daughter (in the stroller) and there was just never any time.   Now that I am practicing yoga regularly, I realize I should’ve made time. I am tight everywhere and most of the positions hurt because of the muscle tightness. That will work itself out with time and when I return to running, I will make time to continue my yoga practice and know that I will be a better runner (healthier too) for it.

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Be sure to check out my post on her blog about Yoga Poses for Runners!

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