Long Beach Expo 2012

Yesterday afternoon I transferred my registration to the 5k (yay!) and picked up lots of goodies at the expo; some free, some purchased! Check out the expo photo collage and the showcased items below!

Goodies from the EXPO! Turquoise bag on L: grab bag for shirt (upper right). Free Stuff: handwipes (above larabars), Larabars (so adorable!), Cascadian Farm choco chip granola bar (and tote, see below), chapstick, collapsable water bottle (great for my dog!), sweet potato chips, water bottle neck strap (right in turquoise), & blue stress ball (near shoes). Purchased stuff: iFitness neoprene belt (low profile; my mom, gma & I each got one), attachable iFitness water bottle (my mom got a 2 pack we split them), and something at the bottom that might look a bit familiar….Asics GT-2170s! FOR ONLY $50!! Road Runner was having an ‘end of year’ sale at the expo, so all their shoes were $50 (basically over 50% off!).  When we were at the booth, I was immediately drawn to these gray/pink ones because reminded me of the Asics I currently owned. Turned out they were the same ones, just diff colors! See picture of my ‘sister’ shoes below.

Cascadian Farm Tote Story: So I went to the booth to take a picture and grab a sample (choco chip granola bar), when the man asked what I was doing with my phone.  I told him that I was taking a picture for my blog, when he offered a ‘trade’; I would take a posed picture of them and he would take a picture of me holding their product (for their Facebook page or website). I said, why not? P.S.  The stoked expression on the guys face is priceless! My mom and I were about to leave, when he said that he had a special present for me, the beautiful canvas  tote below! LOVE IT! I’m still so excited about the tote and can’t wait to start using it for groceries and shopping purchases. So glad I wanted to take pictures!

Anyone running or walking a race this weekend? 


10 thoughts on “Long Beach Expo 2012

  1. You’re going to be a celebrity? Whoo!!! 🙂

    Log the swag! I’m going to a health and fitness expo on the 20th before my 5k. They’re so much fun! Last year, I pretty much just grabbed my bib and walked out, but this year I’m very much looking forward to it since I know so much more!

  2. OH! and I love your new shoes!!! And my last comment, I meant “love” the swag..
    AND… Have you used the running belts before? My sister is a born runner (she’s never done any races, but casually runs 3-5 miles every other day, plus rollerblades 7-10 for fun). Today we were out shopping and she told me she wishes fanny packs would come back in style so she has somewhere to put her water bottle. silly girl. Any recommendations on the belts that you use for water? I know nothing at all about them.

    • I have another fuel belt, but it is too bulky for running (its GREAT for hiking with my dog). The new one I got is awesome! No bouncing and holds phone, sunblock stick, some gels and has the ability to add a 6oz bottle of water. Now that I have a belt that is less bulky and I have a used few different fuel equipment, I might do a comparison vlog about them!

      • Good to know! She goes on her runs and rollerblading with her dog, so it would be nice for her to have something to keep her water in (and something for the pup!) You should compare them!
        And let me know specifically what I should buy her for Christmas.. hehe. 😉

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