Long Beach 2012 5k

 Yay, first race since my injury! Granted I walked it, but I was still so happy and pumped to be at the Long Beach race event!  Be sure to check out a quick race recap in the video below!

We did not hit ANY traffic going to the event, it was smooth sailing the entire way.  Quick Tip: For anyone considering Long Beach in the future, buy a prepaid parking pass and follow their alternative directions!!!! Life is easier that way (people that took 710 to downtown hit traffic)!! Also, I’m glad my mom parked at the top of the parking structure, since we had an unobstructed view of the race course and runners down below! There were people scattered along the sides of the roads ringing cow bells, holding posters for motivation, and cheering everyone the whole way.  The energy of the crowd was contagious and watching the runners pass by was inspiring.   I so wished that I were one of them! Next year (or the year after), I hope! Overall, it was certainly a beautiful morning in Long Beach.

For those of you who don’t know, I had originally encouraged my mom and grandma to participate in 5k while I ran the half marathon.   You see all three of us walk nearly everyday together, so I figured a 5k would be right up their alley. How do we walk together? We  use the  conference call feature on our iPhones 🙂  So even though we are hundreds of miles away, we can all walk ‘together’ at our own pace.  I love how technology brings us together and that we can use it to support our different fitness journeys. I’m glad I made the choice to walk the 5k with them rather than foregoing the Long Beach race entirely.  It was so much fun and I really enjoyed experience  🙂 It also inspired me to consider volunteering for these events, we shall see!

“Forrest Gump” and Bubba Shrimp made an appearance and helped ‘start the race’.  Seemed a little cliche, maybe it was for the kids? I feel that it would probably get old if you did this race year after year…but I suppose that since Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is helping to sponsor this event, that it is a necessary thing for Long Beach to do…Speaking of Bubba Gump, after the race we walked to the nearby restaurant to get a light breakfast! We each got the kids serving of 1 buttermilk pancake, 1 sausage and an ounce of syrup! I decided to cut up the banana I got in my post race grab bag, so my breakfast was delish!  P.S. The Cliff Builders Bar Chocolate Mint flavor tastes just like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies! (another sample we got in the grab bag!). Overall, this race went very smoothly; from the EXPO to parking to finding the starting line. The 5k medal is cute, the 5k shirts are ok, but the course for the half and full are more ‘scenic’ than the 5k (the 5k only went by one portion of the harbor; majority was on the Shoreline Drive)

Anyone race this past weekend? How did it go?


5 thoughts on “Long Beach 2012 5k

  1. Love the shoes!!! 🙂

    I’m glad you had an awesome time, even though you didn’t get to run. I love the whole race atmosphere.. Jared told me I should just start volunteering for all these races since I’d probably still be able to get a shirt by volunteering, but wouldn’t have to deal with the whole running part.. haha.

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