SOLE Inserts

This morning when I visited my sports chiropractor, (for my bursistis) he suggested I try some inserts since it hasn’t healed even without running or doing any high impact activities.  He said that something else may be aggravating it (on top of tight muscles).  The only other things I can do at home are some massage techniques he showed me (insertion points of the tendons: 1 on the lower inner knee and 2. near pubic bone above the quad), and the usual stretching/foam rolling (especially my tight inner hamstrings), icing and wearing my PRO Compression socks.  I’m at my wits end, so I figured why not? I plan on using these orthodics for the next month and I’ll give a personal review on the product at that point.

What are they?  Sole Unisex Dean Karnazes Signature Edition Insole,Red/Yellow,Men’s 8.5-9 M/Women’s 10.5-11 M

Even though I wear a women’s size 9, I have wide feet, so this was the only sized insert that would fit my shoes properly after some trimming (about 1/4″ using current soles as a guide). The soles are meant to be ‘molded’ to your feet, so you put them in the oven at 200 Degrees F for a couple minutes (after any necessary trimming of course) and then you put them into your shoes to start the foot mold process. You do this by stepping into the shoes, tying them like you normally would and then standing with feet shoulder width apart, weight evenly distributed for about 2 minutes.  After that, you are all set! So I did everything as soon as I got home:

 Inserts warming in oven                                                                 Inserts post molding!

    SOLE Unizex Insole, Red/Yellow
  Amazon or REI (cheapest)


In the past I used Green Superfeet, but my chiropractor said that the SOLE brand inserts are better and longer lasting.  Guess I will just have to wait and see!

Anyone else use shoe inserts? What is your brand of choice?


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