Another tough decision….

Since I have no idea when I will be ‘cleared’ to officially run again nor how long it will take to get back into my prior ‘running shape’, I have decided to transfer my Tinkerbell half marathon to a different race later next year.   There are  14.5 weeks until Tinkerbell and since there are unknowns looming in the air, I decided to take a lesson from my most recent experience and attempt to defer/transfer early.  Guess what? If you email Disney, they will send you a transfer form! You can defer your race entry for up to one calendar year for a fee of $35.  Basically I have until Dec 20th (30 days before the race) to 1. sign up for another race and 2. get ‘refunded’ for the race deferred (less the transfer fee and fees).  Since Disneyland (CA) doesn’t have many races, my only option is to defer to the Disneyland Half Marathon next September.  Registration isn’t open yet (and not sure when it will be) but in the meantime, I plan on calling Disney to ask more specific questions about the deferral process so it gets done correctly! Who knows, maybe I can pre-register over the phone and get this done asap?

The only issue with deferring is that I have little confidence in my body right now, between my hamstring injury recovery and now my bursa inflammation, I don’t know if I will be better this time next year or not. It’s been so hard for me to take off MORE TIME when I feel like that’s ALL I’ve been doing since mid July. 😦 I know that I need to rest and recover, but I still feel a bit blue, like one thing just keeps happening after another. Regardless of my injuries, moving the race to a later date in the year will relieve some of my stress since my first official ‘running’ race will be in 6 months (Big Sur 9 miler) rather than in 3.5 months (Tink Half).  My long term hope (fingers crossed) is that by then (April) I will have built a good running body foundation and will have a ‘system’ figured out for doing races on a regular basis: I would like to get to the point of doing one race every couple months, of various distances, and someday ‘branch out’ to new things; like cycling races or triathalons (when I can afford a bike and corresponding equipment!).  I suppose any journey is not a ‘true’ journey without tests of strength and resolve to overcome obstacles, but apparently my biggest obstacle is my body.  My mind WANTS and BELIEVES I can do it, but my body says otherwise.  All I can do now is rest, recover and build my running body so that I CAN do the things I want!

Also, see yesterday’s post about another thing to try to help heal my bursistis: SOLE inserts.

Anyone else think I can pull this off?


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