Influenster’s New Look!

Recently I accepted an invitation to join the Influenster community as a way to share my opinions/experiences on a variety of products/places AND to check out reviews by other members!  Not only do you get the low down on new products, but active members get discounts, access to special deals, promotions and goodies from brands that are up for review!  For example, yesterday I was accepted into the Beauty VoxBox challenge, so I should be getting a package in the mail sometime over the next 5-10 days! My job is to test the product(s), give an official review and share it here & on Influenster!

Influenster [in-floo-uhn-ster]
An exclusive online community where tastemakers and trendsetters (such as yourself) come to share the latest and greatest news, places, products, and reviews with each other… that turns your social influence into sweet rewards.

Who is their target audience for participants? For anyone that has a strong online presence (i.e. bloggers active on various social media platforms) and would like to give their 2 cents on thoughts/experiences with products or places!  I highly encourage all of you to check them out because it might be right up your alley! If you find yourself interested in joining, send me an email at masters2marathons at gmail dot com! Influenster is ‘by invite only‘, so I will send email invites to the first five people I get emails from!  Influenster has recently, revamped their site, so be sure to click here to visit their “Something’s Different Page” where you can learn more about the new features like: “Expert” vs “Life Stage” badges, influenster scores, profiles etc… I’m still learning the ins and outs, but the bottom line is, the more you participate, the higher your score and the more likely you are qualify for challenges (i.e. free stuff to test & review)!

Visit my Influenster profile page to see what I’ve reviewed and what badges I’ve recently unlocked! It’s a great community, join today!

Are you an Influenster? Would you like to be one?


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