First GIVEAWAY: Win a pair of PRO Compression Socks!

Hello everyone and welcome to my very FIRST GIVEAWAY and official product review!!! Ever since I purchased my first pair of PRO Compression socks (hot pink), I fell in love with the product and quickly purchased another pair (red) for my mom to try out! Not only have the pink compression socks helped me recover from TWO bursa inflammation issues (yes my PAB is almost gone!), but the second pair (red) I gave to my mom has helped relieve her recurring shin splint pain! Recently I contacted PRO Compression about my good experience with their socks, so they decided to send me a free pair for an official review and are offering a FREE pair to one of my readers!

So why compression socks? Ever since I was diagnosed with a moderate hamstring strain with inflamed calf bursa (right leg) I decided to give compression socks a try since benefits included ‘improved blood flow’ which is crucial for recovery.  My legs definitely felt energized as soon as I put on my first pair!

When/how often do I wear them? Again, ever since my hamstring strain (right leg) and and later PAB (left leg), I pretty much wear them on/off in 8 hr intervals (sometimes all day, other times all night).  As a personal preference, I like to wear them after workouts because I want to reduce inflammation as much as possible. I’m wearing my new black ones after my flow yoga class (below)! 

After receiving my pair of black Marathon socks from PRO Compression for my official review, I noticed that the style was slightly different from the pink and red ones I previously purchased.  So I decided to do a side by side comparison of the socks (wearing a different sock on each leg, see photo to right).  I wore both socks for 8 hrs: the thick band style of the pink begins to irritate the top of my calf around the 8 hr mark (starts to feel too tight rather than ‘energizing’) while the black gives me no irritation at all. Therefore I absolutely LOVE the black marathon sock style the best because it has a thinner and less tight ‘top of sock’ edge (see picture comparison below).   P.S. My mom has the same opinion about her red socks as I about my pink ones (same style). I still love my pink socks, I just can’t wear them for prolonged periods of time like I can with my black socks!

Are YOU interested in winning a pair of PRO Compression socks? Did you know they have a few different styles to choose from? Not only do they have the ‘bobby sock’ style they call Marathon socks, but also compression sleeves (for calves/shins) and compression trainers (low cut socks)! Did I mention they have a variety of colors as well? Right now they have some bright colors perfect for Halloween like bright orange and lime green, so be sure to check everything  because if you WIN you get to choose what you want!!! Personally I love having a pink and black pair because I can wear one of each for a mixed color look 🙂 And if you want to guarantee yourself a pair of socks, they are currently having a 40% off  PINK sock and sleeve sale THIS MONTH ONLY, just  using code SOM102 for checkout!

Enter my GIVEAWAY on my Facebook page using the Rafflecopter widget! See below for ways to enter but remember, you have to add these entries to the Rafflecopter Widget on my Facebook page for them to count!

P.S. What could possibly be better than one giveaway? How about TWO GIVEAWAYS!! That’s right, you can INCREASE your chances further by visiting my pal and fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Jen at From Wine to Weightlifting and enter her PRO Compression Sock Giveaway TOO! How awesome is that?


Contest Run Time: Wednesday October 25, 2012 – Wednesday Oct 31, 2012 12:01 am!!!

How to enter my contest: Visit my Facebook page to accrue entries with the Rafflecopter widget! Here are some of the ways you can enter, but remember, you have to add these entries to the Rafflecopter Widget on my Facebook page for them to count!


  1. A winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter after the raffle’s conclusion and notified by email.
  2. The winner’s information will be sent to PRO Compression, so that he or she will be able to choose their sock size/style/color of choice and receive their pair from PRO Compression.
  3. See Terms and Conditions (below) for additional information about the Giveaway.

Terms and Conditions:
This giveaway is open to anyone 18 years or older and lives on planet earth (PRO Compression ships world wide). Contest will end on Oct 31, 2012 12:01 am EST.  Void where prohibited or restricted by law.  This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, WordPress or Twitter. Entrants are providing information to Masters2Marathons and PRO Compression, but not to Facebook, WordPress, or Twitter. The blogger Masters2Marathons was compensated for this review with a pair of socks from PRO Compression.

To enter, please visit my Facebook Page!
For another opportunity to win a pair, visit Jen at From Wine to Weightlifting!


29 thoughts on “First GIVEAWAY: Win a pair of PRO Compression Socks!

  1. I would love a pair of marathon socks! My first marathon will be in January, so I’m still learning about all this running gear (and I only started running in June!). I would love a pair in white. 🙂 – MRScrashmattb on Twitter

    • Good luck 🙂 And I think a couple of the other colors have a thin top like the black (looking at PRO Compression picture on bottom, but its hard to tell exactly!) But Pink and Red for sure have thicker top!

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