Influenster Beauty VoxBox Review

Hey everyone! I recently qualified to receive a Beauty VoxBox from Influenster, which means I received a few complimentary products to test and review! If you want more information about Influenster, check out their About page and its VoxBox tab! Also, if you are interested in joining Influenster, it is by email only, I have 4 invites left for anyone who wants one!

As part of my participation in this VoxBox, I earn more ‘points’ by doing a vlog of the box’s contents as soon as I receive it. Below is a video of me opening the box and discovering what is inside! Then be sure to scroll to read about each individual product review!

Product Reviews (starting with my 2 FAVES)!

Goody Spin Pins: One of my FAVORITE products in this box! I already owned a pair of these because it looked like a quick and easy way to create a bun, and it is!!!  To the right is a photo of my bun made from spin pins! I have thin/fine hair, so bobby pins are a hassle (they start slipping out and I ‘lose them’ in my hair when I want to remove the bun).  Even though this bun lasted through 45 min of my hr long yoga class, it was easy to redo with just two pins! Just make sure to ‘tuck in’ the ends, it helps! (my layers are ‘popping out’ in that photo)

P.S. Since I already owned a pair, and the color I got was for dark hair, I gave these to my best yoga friend to try out (they match her dark brunette color perfectly)!  She absolutely loves the spin pins as much as me! Verdict: Definitely a MUST try (as long as you have hair to put in a bun!). As low as $5.99 per pair!

Vitabath Fragrance Mist: Pomegranate & Blood Orange with Vitamin E; a ‘bonus’ product I qualified for, which is awesome because I LOVE IT! The fragrance has a predominant citrus scent with sweet undertones of pomegranate (I assume).  Definitely makes me happy when I spray it all over after a shower! It lasts for quite a few hours, but does not ‘dominate’ the room aka people 20 feet away can’t smell you coming like some perfumes or colognes can.

Verdict:  A MUST TRY! Especially at only $9.99 for 8oz!  Check your local stores (sometimes Target or Ulta carries it) or buy online! Also check out their other fragrances since they are probably just as wonderful!

NYC Individualeyes Limited Edition: Dark Shadows. Another perfect product for Halloween (or any occasion for a smokey eye!).  It comes with a perfect palate for creating a dark smokey eye (primer, highlights, shades of gray) as well as a little guide on the back for how to do it! See photo to right.

Verdict: If you are looking for a quick and affordable way to create a smokey eye, try this! Only $4.99 per compact!

KISS Ever Pro False Lashes Starter Kit. Came with a pair of false lashes, glue, applicator and directions! Since I don’t wear false lashes as part of my regular beauty routine, I decided to jump at the opportunity to try them out for my Halloween costume!  Definitely created a more dramatic look, check it out for yourself!

Verdict: it was a bit tricky to put on, but it stayed for hours during the Halloween event! I used makeup remover to take them off and I had no issues with skin tearing or redness. Definitely great for any costume that needs dramatic eyes!

Not Your Mother’s Kinky Curl Defining Hair Cream. I received a sample size ~2 oz, which was so cute! My hair is thin/fine and a bit wavy (not curly), so I decided to use it to see if it encouraged and held more of a wave (a curl would be asking too much).

Followed the bottle directions (apply to wet hair, scrunch and blow dry upside down) and I did get more wave in my hair.  I suppose it worked as well as it could considering my hair type. However, I decided to give it to my friend who has curly hair 🙂

Verdict: Intended for hair with more than just slight wave: $5.99 for full 4oz size bottle.


Products that didn’t work for me:

White Barn (Bath & Body Works) candle: Mahogony and Teakwood.  The mini candle I received had an overwhelming Abercrombie scent, but I decided to try it out one evening anyway.  My roommate came home asked why our house smelled like ‘guy’/Abercrombie store.  I told her it was from the candle, but that didn’t stop the slew of jokes that followed… ANYWAY, if you like that smell, go for it, but personally I am not a fan of the scent except for all the humor it brought 😛

Verdict: Try a different scent, there are SO MANY to choose from! Ex: people who received the Nutmeg Spice or Pumpkin had really good things to say!

EBOOST: Orange Vitamin Effervescent.  Definitely a little skeptical trying this one out, since I have tried other effervescent vitamin packets before and have been met with disappointment.  I did try it out to see if it would be ‘different’ than the rest, but unfortunately for me, it wasn’t much better. At least ‘going down’ was ok flavor wise, but the aftertaste left in my mouth after 3 seconds was something I couldn’t handle.  Sorry, not a fan!

Verdict: Nice idea, but skip it!


Email me at masters2marathons at gmail dot com if you are interested in joining Influenster so YOU can do reviews on various products too!
(I have 4 spots left!)


3 thoughts on “Influenster Beauty VoxBox Review

  1. So happy you got picked to do a review!! Love the vlog 🙂 and bummer about the candle 😉 I think it’s be pretty pleasant for the house to smell like a hot guy. Haha.

    Can’t wait to see your whole costume!!

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